The World’s Greatest Online Magazine Podcast The Half-Baked Podcast: 05. At Year’s End

Hey, gang. In an effort to contain all of the bad stuff inside of 2020, we rushed to get this out in time. Some topics include:

  • A sacred ceremony to rename this as the "Half-Baked Podcast" from whoever it was that suggested it (it was Beau; NBB found our current round of sponsors).
  • A look at some of the recent moves in the MLB.
  • The Twins blockbuster signing of Hansel Robles.
  • What to do with Jorge Polanco.
  • Other moves and free agents we'd like to see like the see the Twins go after up the middle and in the rotation.
  • A quick round of congrats to the "Final Fantasy" winners.


The Duck Duck Gray Ducks On The Pondcast

Okay, so, here's another one we did. Kind of. You see, someone screwed everything up and completely lost the second half of what recorded. Lost topics include more season wrap-up as well as a look towards next year. We'll pick that up again next time after I quintuple check how to make sure I whoever doesn't screw everything up next time.

Also, I'll need to figure out how to embed in the page. Here's the link for now.

(eschapp: there is an add media button on the edit post page)

World’s Greatest Online… Podcasf?

We're going to have a to think of a better name...

Anyway, so DK, Nibbish, and myself made this thing. I assure you, it's appropriately half-baked. We recorded on Monday but I'm just getting it out now for several reasons which include trying to figure out how to make a podcast.

I'm going to attempt to get this on the usual podcast platforms, but I wanted to get this out here as such an amazing discussion with scorching hot takes needs to get out to the masses as soon as possible.

The videos DK and I discuss are Tree In Orange:

And Styx's Renegade:

And we had a special guest pop in and discuss STAMPED: Racism, Antiracism, and You by Ibram X. Kendi and Jason Reynolds.

WGOM Radio – The Dread Pirate and Mags talk soccer

This originally was intended to be a BKaC entry, but DP and I recorded on a Saturday morning while watching soccer, so everytime we tried to get on topic, something happened to drag us back off. Never the less, I think it's an enjoyable podcast. We've always said this is our neighborhood bar, and all this episode is is a recording of two dudes on some virtual barstools.

WGOM Radio – CarterHayes BKaC


Welcome back to WGOM Radio. Our next episode is a discussion between CarterHayes and me, MagUidhir. I've already apologized to CH directly about the audio quality. We had a great discussion, but I feel like I let him down by not capturing his input very well. I obviously didn't set up the settings correctly after reinstalling everything on my new hard drive And now I apologize you, the listener, for the jarring transitions between speakers. I promise future episodes will be better. Come for the comparison between Mike Trout and Jason Tyner, stay for the rundown of the 1998 Royals roster.

To join us, email me at acm006 [at] [g]mail and we'll set up a time.