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Here's a list of features here at the WGOM. It's not meant to be complete at this point - I'll be adding as we go, and as you correct me. If you have an idea for a feature, use this page to make sure you won't get buried or bury someone else. If you need authorship privileges, spookymilk, sean, or brianS can provide them.

Daily Features

Cup of Coffee (spookymilk)
Your daily source for half baked crap
Keeping Track (Jeff A)

  • "Minor Details": a daily recap of the games of the Twins' minor league affiates.
  • "This Week in Ex-Twins": a weekly list of transactions involving former members of the Minnesota Twins organization
  • "This Week in Twins Transactions": a weekly list of transactions involving the Minnesota Twins or their minor league affiliates.
  • "Where They Stand": a weekly recap of the records of the Twins' minor league affiliates and where they are in the standings.
  • "Minor League Players of the Month": a monthly recognition of the best player of the past month for each of the Twins' minor league affiliates.

WGOM Videos (DK and hungry joe)
Tunes that you either A) know or B) don't, for your listening and visual pleasure.

2018 Guest DJs:

January 22-28: Rowsdower
February 19-25: New Britain Bo
March 19-25: Daneeka's Ghost
April 23-29: brianS
May 21-27: CarterHayes
June 18-24: Zee German
July 16-22: E-6
August 13-19: Rhubarb_Runner
September 10-16: MelissaDiamondPhillips
October 15-21: spookymilk
November 12-18: Twayn
December:  Best of 2018

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Game Logs Twayn hungry joe freealonzo spookymilk Can of Corn davidwatts nibbish
Game Recaps
Weekly Episodic EPL Exposition and/or Monday MLS Mayhem Friday Music Day
This Week in Twins Transactions and This Week in Ex-Twins
First Week First Monday Book Day
Second Week
Third Week Third Monday Movie Day Father Knows Best (rotating authorship)
Fourth Week Pixel Perfect Memories

Weekly Features

Friday Music Day (AMR)
Random musical thoughts from AMR. But mostly, the LTEs section is for citizens to share the first random ten from their digital music device or service of their choice, for the approval or disapproval of the others. Also, citizens can share any thoughts on music that can wait until Fridays.
Episodic EPL Exposition and/or Monday MLS Mayhem - Mondays (MagUidhir)
The EEE and MMM provide a weekly round-up of Citizens' favorite soccer teams. This space is also used for any other general soccer items to share.
Weekly Wild Whangdoodle (Daneekas Ghost (seasonal))
A desperate attempt to give the local hockey team some WGOM ink.

Monthly Features

First Monday Book Day (Daneekas Ghost with guest appearances)
In which bS bloviates on a book he managed to read in the past month, as an excuse to talk about Literature. Proving once again that the WGOM is the World's Greatest Online Magazine. Like the New Yorker without cartoons or paid professionals.
Third Monday Movie Day (spookymilk)
Our resident film actor and screenwriter, spookymilk, gushes about a film only a handful of Citizens know about, followed by spirited discussions about the great and the terrible in all aspects of film and television.
Pixel Perfect Memories (Beau)
In where the nation discusses video games once per month, and Beau hails a relatively unknown or unsung treasure from the past.
Father Knows Best (rotating authorship, Third Thursdays)
A monthly column regarding the sisyphean nature of joys of parenthood, with content provided from the wealth of the Nation's wisdom.

2017 Schedule

JAN [whenever]: nibbish
FEB 17: Beau
MAR 16: Philosopher
APR 20: CarterHayes
MAY18: The Dread Pirate
JUN 15: Pepper
JUL 20: Mags
AUG 17: Algonad
SEP 21: freealonzo>


Analysis (ubelmann)
Classic Album Reviews (freealonzo)
Every month Freealonzo digs into his CD collection, pulls out a favorite album and ruminates.
Musings from the Emeritus (SBG)
The Nation Has An Appetite (various)
The national pastime is inexorably linked to food. We know a thing or two about food, or at least we like to think that we do. This irregular column is a community effort to share recipes and food experiences.
The Nation Has Problems (GreekHouse)
A chance to flex your mind muscles. Learn about how math affects sports and the world around us.
Twins Collectibles Spotlight (Rhubarb_Runner)
Pictoral vingettes focusing on baseball collectibles, primarily Twins collectibles.
NCIS (Various)
Entertaining exercises in identifying past games or at bats based upon a single photograph from a newspaper, magazine, or baseball card, for example.
Get to Know 'Em (MagUidhir)
Comment Plaques (MagUidhir)
Barley Pops and Hop Hits (brianS)
The WGOM wouldn't be the WGOM without a healthy dose of alcohol. But we are responsible drinkers. BPHH explores the glorious world of fermented grains, one pint at a time, through irregular beer reviews (Pint-Sized Reviews), and the occasional beer travelogue. Guest posts are welcomed, and home brew sharing strongly encouraged.
T-Wolves T-Wrap-Up (SBG? (Seasonal))
Random Day in Twins History (The Dread Pirate)

A few of the Citizens who do intermittent features have expressed a willingness to share their features. The best policy is to ask them to be sure you're not stepping on toes.

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