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      1. I didn't realize I could click on a category and then see all the posts from that category - that's what I'd used archives for in the past. Is there a place I can find all the categories?

      1. haha, no way. i just noticed on the world series post, and i came here to check the page. i'm guessing this is one of those simple things that took way longer than we could know. the tiny percentage of the nation that was bugged by this minor annoyance rejoices and sings hymns in your name.

  1. okay, since you must be bored with nothing new to conquer, how about this one: is it possible to put a playable vid of the day in the top12 instead of just the picture? i think youtube allows a "no title" script you can use too so it looks cleaner. if it's too wonky though, no worries.

  2. Can you add the date of the post & the identity of the author to the post links on the homepage ... maybe on the line with the category listing or as a second, smaller line under the post title? level of importance 1/10.

  3. I find that I miss a lot of content because we have so much of it. Unless something generates a lot of LTE's, posts either never reach, or quickly get pushed down and off of the "RECENT LETTERS TO THE EDITOR" list. the Recent LTE's isn't my first stop, more of a fallback position, but I'm wondering:
    1. Could we highlight some of the posts that get clicks/reads but no comments?
    2. Could we have a place that has thumbnails of recent posts with links to the post in chronological order, going back say 2-3 days? Sort of like how you have the schedule of upcoming games, but with links to past posts. Heh ... could you link the games on the schedule to their corresponding Game Log?

    1. 1. My guess is the posts that get lots of views also get letters to the editors.
      2. In the featured post list, the last four are the four most recent posts that either have no LTEs or too few to fit in the popular selection. After that, they go down the front page. I bumped up the number of LTEs in that widget for now. Are you familiar with RSS? you can get a list of all posts that way that you can read when you want.

  4. A Nation's Feverish Eyes Turn to Sean

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    You cannot visit wgom.org right now because the website uses HSTS. Network errors and attacks are usually temporary, so this page will probably work later.

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