Happy Birthday–October 2

Mike Dorgan (1853)
Eddie Murphy (1891)
Masayori Shimura (1913)
Maury Wills (1932)
Earl Wilson (1934)
Bob Robertson (1946)
Greg Pryor (1949)
Alan Newman (1969)
Matt Walbeck (1969)
Eddie Guardado (1970)
Scott Schoeneweis (1973)
Jose Morban (1979)
Aaron Hicks (1989)
Cam Bedrosian (1991)

Masayori Shimura was a pioneering baseball broadcaster in Japan.

Cam Bedrosian is the son of ex-Twin Steve Bedrosian.

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Happy Birthday–October 1

Ray Kolp (1894)
Carmen Hill (1895)
Jimmie Reese (1901)
Jim Russell (1918)
Hal Naragon (1928)
Chuck Hiller (1934)
Rod Carew (1945)
Bill Bonham (1948)
Pete Falcone (1953)
Jeff Reardon (1955)
Vance Law (1956)
Mark McGwire (1963)
Roberto Kelly (1964)
Chuck McElroy (1967)
John Thomson (1973)
Brandon Knight (1975)
Matt Cain (1984)
Erik Komatsu (1987)
Xander Bogaerts (1992)
Charlie Barnes (1995)

Jimmie Reese played in the majors only briefly, but was a coach in the majors or minors for most of his life.  He was Babe Ruth's roommate for a short period and uttered the famous line that in reality, he roomed with Babe Ruth's suitcase.  He is also remembered for his skill with a fungo bat, to the extent that he would sometimes pitch batting practice with it.

We would also like to wish Beau a very happy birthday.

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