Minor Details: Games of August 18

Tommy Field hits a grand slam as Kohl Stewart makes his AAA debut.  A big home run by Jonathan Rodriguez as Gabriel Moya preserves a win.  Brent Rooker keeps hitting as Fort Myers makes a Miracle comeback.  Anthony Marzi again pitches well.  Bailey Ober and Akil Baddoo have outstanding games.  A grand slam for Jared Akins as Cody Stashak does well in a rehab assignment.  Junior Navas remains unscored upon.

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Happy Birthday–August 19

Bobby Richardson (1935)
Fred Lasher (1941)
Mike Phillips (1950)
Luis Gomez (1951)
Tim Blackwell (1952)
Ned Yost (1955)
Ron Roenicke (1956)
David Palmer (1957)
Gary Gaetti (1958)
Ron Darling (1960)
Woody Williams (1966)
Rob Augustine (1970)
Chris Capuano (1978)
J. J. Hardy (1982)

Rob Augustine played for a couple of years in the Cleveland organization, never rising above Class A.  He was (and maybe still is) an assistant baseball coach at Dakota Valley High School in my former home of North Sioux City.  Happy birthday, Rob.

We would also like to wish a happy birthday to strategery.

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Game 120. Diamondbacks in Minnesota.

Cleveland kneecapped any chance of winning a Division crown. The hope for the rest of the season is to pile stats and maybe stay above .500.

Another day, another new Twins player. Its really getting hard to know who is on the roster and who isn't. Its Kennys Vargas back up? Lew Ford? Kent Hrbek? who knows!! I do know Mitch Garver comes to town. Hopefully he gets playing time.


Ervin Santana goes tonight. We got a chance.



Remodeled basement. Same half-baked taste.