WGOM Achievements

Yearly Challenges

WGOM MLB Preseason Prediction
The Great WGOM MLB Playoff Brackef Competition TBD
Stick and Ball Guys
MLB Fantasy
rpz (112.5 pts)



2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019
Basket and Ball Guys
NCAA Bracket
DK MagUidhir strategery DK UncleWalt freealonzo freealonzo (112 pts)
Foot and Ball Guys
NFL Fantasy
Zack DK DK UncleWalt UncleWalt UncleWalt UncleWalt N/A UncleWalt spookymilk hungry joe
Foot and Ball Guys (BSQUAD!)
NFL Fantasy
 UncleWalt  rpz hungry joe rpz Zee German Can of Corn hungry joe Zee German
WGOM MLB Prediction sean TBD
The Great WGOM MLB Playoff Brackef Competition zooomx.2 The Dread Pirate hungry joe brianS rpz freealonzo hungry joe cheaptoy zooomx.2
Hand and Ball Guys
NBA Fantasy
DK rpz cheaptoy cheaptoy
Stick and Ball Guys
MLB Fantasy
DK socaltwinsfan socaltwinsfan hungry joe FTLT bhiggum Zee German (112 pts) hungry joe (104 pts) Philosofer (124 pts)
Stick and Puck Guys
NHL Fantasy
nibbish Can of Corn
EPL Prediction Challenge**   HomerDome (18 pts) MagUidhir (19 pts) Philo (21 pts) Philo (32 pts) Philo (18 pts)
Fut and Bol Guys
World Cup Bracket Challenge
The Dread Pirate (tie)
freealonzo (tie)

**Year indiates the year season started

One-off Achievements

Twins Prediction Contest

2010: First Half: The Dread Pirate, Second Half: Rhubarb_Runner

WGOM NBA Challenge

2010: cheaptoy

WGOM Fantasy Premier League

2013: MagUidhir

Frozen Four

2014: Beau

Miscellaneous Challenges

Response to the Joe Mauer contract: Rhubarb_Runner
The Essence of Nick Punto: New Guy

Spookymilk Survivor

Creative Writing in some seasons, Strategy in others

X: nibbish* (CW)
IX: Zack* (S)
VIII: Daneeka's Ghost* (CW)
VII: CarterHayes (CW)
VI: Daneeka's Ghost* (CW)
* - Not WGOM-only games, but they won them, so there you go

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