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1,000 Can of Corn: I am not a math guy, but that's an equation I can get behind!
2,000 Zack: I hope you're not WGOMing while driving!
3,000 NBB: Su-Weet!!!1101!11
4,000 Beau: I dislike footnotes. Sometimes you get so many footnotes on one page that a third of the page is just if it's on-line (even better if it's hyper-linked!). Also, as MagUidhir said, some in-text citations are cumbersome. It's not always as simple as (Beau, 2008). Sometimes, it's (Beau & AMR, 2008) or (Beau, AMR, & brianS, 2008) with all subsequent mentions being (Beau, et. al, 2008). It's a pain in the neck to follow every rule precisely and as a reader it can ruin the flow, especially if the same paragraph has many citations.
5,000 free: Muntie!!!! Welcome to the HR board
10,000 sean: I've never used Vista, and your decision then probably was the right one. It's just that the XP, Vista, 7 progression reminds me of the 98, Me, XP progression. Not that I'm surprised, since every other release has been a dud and made people gun-shy about upgrading.
15,000 twayn: Twins baseball...
20,000 hungry joe: um... what?
25,000 HomerDome: DONGER.
30,000 Rhubarb_Runner: Aw, hell, one good thing about a blowout is time to work on graphics: [IMAGE]
35,000 CarterHayes: Twins' docs: 'Tis but a scratch.
Gibson: A scratch?! My arm's off!
Twins' docs: No it isn't.
Gibson: Well, what's that then? (points at tear in X-ray)
Twins' docs: You've had worse.

40,000 MagUidhir: Today is the transfer deadline in soccer. Michael Bradley has been sold to Serie A team Chievo, and Clint Dempsey is rumored to be a target of Arsenal.
45,000 spookymilk: Yeah, I've always liked him more than his value warrants.
50,000 sean: The original plan was to do it concurrently with the 1991 World Series. Several people however, commented that it would then interfere with this year's World Series. Considering how good this year's Series has been, I'm glad it was unofficially postponed. Instead, I think we should start it before spring training starts (perhaps before pitchers and catchers report). That way, it won't interfere with anything, since January-February is totally dead.
55,000 Daneekas Ghost: I'm not sure why I have different numbers than Russo, but it's somewhere around 103 minutes.
60,000 nibbish:

Avoid her live clips.

She's a lot like Salem in that if you happened to see a live clip when you're first getting into the music, it'll turn you off quickly and completely.

She's totally fake and manufactured, but who cares? Her studio recorded stuff is great. Can't wait for the album.
65,000 brianS: oh, I figured. I was running with the theme of "stoopid".
70,000 The Dread Pirate: How did you hear about this?
80,000 NBB: Tried Finnish, Norwegian, Sverige - nada.
90,000 HomerDome: Day game tomorrow with a chance to sweep. Who knew?
100,000 sean: 456 days and 100,000 comments. Here's to way more than another 456 days and more talking about beer, books, movies, sports, and the community.
GH: Run!
125,000 brianS: Leary, apparently. But he doesn't claim that he personally saw those events on live TV.

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