131 thoughts on “2011 Game 22: Rays at Twins”

    1. better hope for a quick game, or no game at all: the twins bench tonight is effectively steve holm(!), with a doubleheader tomorrow.

      1. You're right, it was Spooky. Or maybe this is exactly what Spooky means by "pitching well".

  1. With the recent rainouts, it was supposed to be fun to finally get a game. Not so far.

    1. I do like when Frankie gets into his, "Eff this, I'm striking everyone out" mode, but giving up 4 runs first sucks.

  2. Oy vey. Well, I have a briefcase full or work and a fridge full of beer.

    Eenie meenie miney mo....

  3. Dick: The Twins will try to dig out of this hole with this batting order.
    Me: Good luck with that.

  4. Alright, I know this is beaten to death, but all this "almost always, striking the other guy out is the worst thing you could do... sometimes a pitcher needs to give up a home run" nonsense is just infuriating.

        1. That appears to be the total though, so it's -9 runs over 190 games which rates to about -7 runs/150 games.

  5. Has Liriano pitched to Mauer at all this season? In my head it seems like Liriano pitches worse when he's tossing to Butera, but this might be just that I don't like Butera.

    1. let's see, some miso soup, rosemary potatoes in the oven, and we're cooking some weird thing that's basically carrots, green beans, and burdock root, wrapped in a thin layer of beef and cooked. we'll see how that one turns out. oh yeah, and lime sparkling water.

    2. still at the office. Probably leftover spaghetti with tomato sauce and meat balls (really, just hot italian sausage balls).

      and a Red Chair. Thanks, spooky, for pointing me in that direction.

  6. It's almost May and they're playing baseball in a snowstorm. What a crappy spring this has been so far.

    1. It's almost May and they're playing baseball getting their butts kicked in a snowstorm.


      1. David Bromberg (speaking of ballplayers with musicians' names)? Don't know if the timing is right for his start schedule in AA, but don't see anyone else on the 40 man who looks able to throw a lot of innings tomorrow.

    1. Heh. I read that as "castratof***" and I was thinking "yea, I'm probably in favor of these guys not reproducing".

  7. Hacker basically threw ONE pitch not on/outside of the black that inning. Not. Pitching. To. Contact.

  8. The show "How the States Got Their Shapes" on History channel is pretty awesome.

    1. Hah! That's funny to me, 'cause I have young kids and end up watching waaaayyy too many cartoons.

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