2014 Game 7: Oakland Athletics at Minnesota Colabellos

Home Opener
Another Monday, another opening day. Today's home opener will inaugurate the fifth season of MLB play at Target Field. I'll be behind home plate somewhere as a guest of a season ticket holder. I'm looking forward to a good game.

So where do the Twins stand? After starting the season with two series on the road in Chicago and Cleveland (and really, who doesn't want to play outdoor baseball in the Rust Belt in early April), the Twins find themselves sporting a .500 record. That seems to be a much better start than we've endured the past couple of years, but I'm not going to check the records to make sure. That's just asking for depression to set in.

Today the Twins send Kevin Correia to the mound while the A's counter with Scott Kazmir (yes, another year of hearing Bert mispronounce a simple name). Let's hope the Twins can ride the Colabello gravy train to one more win. Play ball!

50 thoughts on “2014 Game 7: Oakland Athletics at Minnesota Colabellos”

  1. Kubel in left and Colabello in right. Oof. Pinto is in the lineup, but of course Suzuki is catching.

  2. Nice of Correia to thow BP for the A's. When does he start pitching for real?

  3. First day of vacation, beautiful week of weather coming, played some catch with the boy and watching the home opener. Not a bad day.

      1. He's been hitting pretty well to start after a terrible year playing elsewhere. He obviously saved them up for his return to the Twins.

  4. Gladden talking about how hard it is for the Twin hitters to see the ball with the shadows. I am confused. Do the shadows change when the A's are at the plate?

      1. Are you still burning up the road by my place each week boss? You should stop and see me sometime. Not this week though... vacation.

    1. Punto's appearance was probably the loudest the crowd got. The dude behind me tried to explain to his friend why Twins fans are great - you see they cheer all the former players - except AJ Pierzynski because he's a douche.

      1. I must not be a good Twins fan. Pierzynski's about the only one I go out of my way to cheer...usually just to shut up the douche's around me.

  5. Small sample size and everything, but coming into today:

    ERA xFIP FIP Starter ERA Starter xFIP Starter FIP Reliever ERA Reliever xFIP Reliever FIP
    30th 30th 30th 27th 30th 29th 29th 24th 27th

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