2018 Game 162: Pale Hose at Twinkies

All good things must come to an end, and so must this season of Twins disappointments. But that's okay. You can't win 'em all. We'll get 'em next year. Since I'm working today and can't watch, I hope it doesn't turn out to be Joe Mauer's last game, because I'd hate to miss that. I'd like to offer a tip of the cap to eschapp for the game tickets Friday night. The Mrs. and I had a great time. Lots of early runs and layering were the keys. The Twins start Zack Littell today, Dylan Covey goes for the White Sox. I can't believe this is the last time I'll say it for six months or so, but... Play ball!

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    1. A-Stud is listed as starting at 3B. Huh?

      How about that. He's played 35 innings at 3b, plus nine at 2b, 2.67 in LF and, hilariously, an inning in CF.

        1. Effectively tied for second most played position in the minors too. 1132 innings in 144 games at third and 1184 innings in 154 games at first. He's caught 2427 innings over 302 games in his nine minor league seasons.

          1. I really hope Astudillo makes the 25-man out of spring training next year. Even if he's third behind Castro & Garver, he'd provide a great deal of flexibility. Given the contact he makes, having a guy like that available to pinch hit and then fill in anywhere* on the diamond is pretty awesome.

            * I mean, he's played CF & 2b — I assume they could put him at short if they were shifting.

            1. I can't fathom why he wouldn't be back. He'll be making the minimum plus maximal positional flexibility. Sure Báez can play anywhere in the infield, but can he catch? Zobrist has also played a lot of positions but never caught or pitched.

              It seems likely that Garver and Astudillo are the catchers going forward. Castro is under contract for next year so assuming he's kept for 2019, I see it as a 50%-25%-25% breakdown for catching duties between the three. Castro will continue to lead with Astudillo playing somewhere in the infield on his off days and Garver would DH or play first on his off days.

      1. A single, a double, and two walks I think fits best. At least two plate appearances have to go to a full count too.

  1. I'm having a late lunch while catching the game: two old-fashioned franks on multi-grain bread with fresh, homemade, whole-grain mustard, a cut of apple pie Mrs. Hayes baked yesterday, and a bottle of New Glarus' 2018 Wild Sour Ale.

    1. He did it. He went 0-2. Lucroy pinch-hit for him after that. He finishes with a 0.246527778 average, down from his 0.24738676 before the game.

  2. If I could guarantee he wouldn't take a foul tip to the head, I'd love to see Mauer put on the tools of ignorance for one more inning. Despite how good a defensive first baseman he's been, it's still sad that'll be our last memory of him playing a position.

      1. My brother mentioned he saw a tweet last night suggesting Mauer start the game at catcher, receive an old-school intentional walk, and then move to first. That would've been pretty neat.

    1. Depending on how one feels about Terry Steinbach, Grossman might be in the top five wearers of #36 in Twins history. If the Twins had been good while Grossman was here, he would've been a nice bat on the bench. As it was, he was pretty okay at the plate. In the field, well...

      1. ha! joe made fun of himself for that at his press conference. kind of nervous so jumped on the first pitch, conceded maybe he was starting to listen to advice he'd been given over the years.

  3. Watching Mauer soak in that double from the moment he made contact, as he rounded first, as he slid in ahead of the tag, & then as he stood up to cheers, the refrain of this tune hit me:

  4. Well, only having him out there for one pitch is maybe a little less awesome, but still a pretty good way to go out.

    1. I think it makes it a little easier to be happy about it because any risk to his long term well being was handled really well.

  5. It would be kind of funny after all this if, a couple of weeks from now, Mauer said, "Guess what, guys? I'm coming back next year."

  6. I turned on the mlb.tv for the first time in at least a month, maybe longer, just in time to see joe catch his last professional pitch. Man, what a class act.

  7. This is the kind of on-field class I like: Mauer gets to catch one last time, Belisle gets to pitch one last time, and Gimenez gets to catch for what might be his last time, all in the same inning. Good work, Molitor.

  8. In the postgame, Mauer says the White Sox agreed that whoever was at the plate for the pitch he caught would not swing. Given the rivalry between the clubs for most of Mauer's career, that's pretty awesome.

  9. Mauer says that he hadn't opened the bag containing his personal catcher's gear since 2013. He tried it on at home last night before bringing it to the ballpark today.

  10. The jalapeño went to the game with a friend and had a great time--plus he came home with an awesome, ridiculous hat. I asked him what the highlight of the game was for him and after thinking for a minute, he declared it was Mauer's double. Maybe I'm doing something right in my parenting after all...

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