Lounge Lizards

We have this bottle of dark rum we got to try a recipe we didn't care for all that much and another one that we did. The rum is a Dominican brand called Ron Alegro (the affordable Anejo, not the spendy XO), I don't know much about rum but I sampled this at Total Wine and Liquor and it was pretty smooth and sweet so it went home with me. Anyway, we wanted to try some more rum cocktails so we started looking around for other recipes. We experimented with a couple that could make it into the rotation and finally settled on a favorite - the Lounge Lizard, a variation of the classic Cuba Libre combining rum, lime and Coca-Cola. The Lounge Lizards adds a twist of nutty sweetness with the addition of a little Amaretto to the mix. Here's the recipe:

1 1/2 oz dark rum
1/2 oz Amaretto
4 oz Coke
Squeeze of lime

This one you can just mix in a highball glass with ice and serve. Excellent for sipping on the veranda.

3 thoughts on “Lounge Lizards”

  1. Not rum, but the Mrs and I do enjoy a Caipirinha.

    I trim the ends of a lime, then cut into thin wedges. Add to a shaker with a couple tablespoons of sugar. Pound the hell out of the lime+sugar (or muddle well, if you are a wuss), until the sugar is dissolved in the lime juice. Add a double shot of cachaça and some ice. Shake well and dump everything into a tall glass. Enjoy.

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