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2019 Game 73: Boston Red Sox at Minnesota Twins

Eduardo Rodriguez
Kyle Gibson

Fourth game of the three-game series.

Twins replaced Blake Parker with Sean Poppen while the Red Sox replaced Velázquez with Josh Smith. Poppen has yet to pitch in MLB but he's done well this year in AAA (not AA though). Josh Smith has pitched 75 games over four seasons in MLB. He has not done well in AAA despite good strikeout and walk numbers.

The teams have scored nine runs over the previous 26 innings so I expect fireworks today.

2019 Game 60: Minnesota Twins at Cleveland Indians

Martín Pérez hopes to bounce back from his bad start against the Rays. He's lost some of his luster from the beginning of the season. Before the Rays was a workable start against the Angels and a good start against the Mariners (but, Mariners).

Carrasco is an unfortunate late scratch because of health. Cleveland has opted for a bullpen game opened by Clippard.

Insert the rest of what free wrote yesterday about beating Cleveland and driving their probability to win the division to 0%. The Twins already project to have the weakest rest of schedule with an estimated .477 win percentage. The team with the next weakest are the Astros at .481.

2019 Game 22: Minnesota Twins at Houston Astros

Kohl Stewart makes his 2019 debut trying to win the rubber game of the series. He brings a 6.00 ERA from Rochester, most it it from his previous start. He surrendered six runs over 4.1 innings.

Verlander meanwhile is lossless and continuing his late career resurgence into 2019. After a promising start to the series, I'm feeling less confident about winning it now. But now is as good a time as any to break that lack of losing streak!