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2024 Game 23: Chicago White Sox at Minnesota Twins

Garret Crochet
Joe Ryan

The 2023 Oakland Athletics got their fourth win on game 20 and by game 23 were 5-18. They scored 81 runs in their first 22 games (3.7 runs/G) while the White Sox have scored 50 (2.3 R/G). If the 2024 White Sox have one thing going for them compared to last season's Athletics, it's the 129 runs allowed through 22 games compared to the 178 runs allowed for the Athletics.

Crochet strikes out a lot of batters, doesn't walk many, and gives up a few too many home runs but everything else is good enough for his 3.86 FIP. His current ERA of 5.61 comes from being shelled in his last two games. The Twins need to study the Phillies game and repeat that for today.

2024 Game 5: Minnesota Twins at Milwaukee Brewers

Chris Paddack
Joe Ross

Paddack gets his first start after his second Tommy John and Joe Ross gets his first start since his second Tommy John. I'm wondering how often this has happened.

Announced attendance was 41,659. Pretty good for an early season, Tuesday afternoon game. MLB increased the difficulty for the getaway game: a Wednesday day game. This has long been my suspected reason why these games are scheduled for the middle of the week: guaranteed attendance boosts on hard to draw dates.

Julien 2B
Kiriloff LF
Buxton DH
Kepler RF
Correa SS
Santana 1B
Castro CF
Jeffers C
Farmer 3B