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2023 Game 56: Minnesota Twins at Houston Astros

Louie Varland
Hunter Brown

Final game against the Astros this season. The Twins won the series at home in early April and today's rubber match would make it two series wins against a good team.

This is Hunter Brown's rookie season, but not his first season as he tossed 20 ⅓ innings last year across seven games. He earned Houston's sole win in the first series with seven innings, two hits, and a single unearned run. Here's hoping the Twins have figured out a better plan of attack for their hot-or-not batters.

2023 Game 44: Minnesota Twins at Los Angeles Dodgers

Sonny Gray
Dustin May

West Coast day game!

That battle of the 'ays today and final game against the Dodgers this season. It's been a competitive series so far, at least per the results for someone not willing to stay up past midnight on the opposite coast.

That figures to continue with Gray pitching today. He's been absolutely excellent this year. His May hasn't been as strong but now is a good time to improve his May stats versus a May.

2023 Game 37: San Diego Padres at Minnesota Twins

Seth Lugo
Pablo López

Twins starters are tied with the Mariners for first in fWAR, 5.2. The Rays are third at 4.3. The relievers unfortunately rank 17th. More unfortunately, the batters are way down at 21st. Correa is a big part of that but Miranda has been worse. The success of the starters means it has been nice to know the team will be in the game until late each time. Sure, I also know those 2-0 games very likely could end up at 2-0 or 2-1 but it's nicer than knowing last season it will not stay at only two runs given up.

2023 Game 31: Minnesota Twins at Chicago White Sox

Louie Varland
Dylan Cease

Overall good pitching last night. Not so much the same for the batting part. The White Sox, through yesterday, have averaged 6.17 runs allowed per game while the Twins have scored an average of 4.53 runs per game. Today is a good day to get closer to those averages. Cease strikes out a bunch and the Twins love strikeouts, ranking fifth in most batter strikeouts. I'd suggest stealing some bases as Cease also walks four per nine, but that's simply not happening with this team.

2023 Game 25: New York Yankees at Minnesota Twins

Domingo Germán
Kenta Maeda

Maeda somehow didn't break anything or sustain anything more than a big ouch from stopping the comebacker with his ankle. Bailey Ober is back with the Saints and Maeda is back in the rotation to finish off the Yankees.

Going back through all the Twins-Yankees season results, the last time prior to 2001 the Twins won a season series was 1992 when they went 7-5. They did manage to tie 5-5 in 2000. Go back another year and you will find the last time the Twins swept a three game series with the Yankees. June 11 through June 13 and September 6 through September 8. They finished 10-2 against the hapless 71-91 Yankees. 1993 and 1994 both had two game sweeps if you want to count those too.

2023 Game 18: Minnesota Twins at Boston Red Sox and other games

First up in Minnesota men's professional sports, the Twins vs Red Sox.

Joe Ryan
Corey Kluber

Kluber stopped being Klubot last year, maybe 2021. His strikeouts are mostly back this year but he's walking a ton and giving up plenty of home runs to a 6.70 FIP. It's a good game to get back to the scoring frequently thing.

At 8:30, possibly after this game ends, the Wild begin their second game against the Stars. The Wolves follow 30 minutes later.

2023 Game Log 12: Chicago White Sox at Minnesota Twins

Lucas Giolito
Sonny Gray

Rubber match and final game of this homestand.

Giolito was very good in 2021 and not good at all in 2022. So far after two starts, it's been more 2022 than 2021. He's averaged almost two his per inning.

Still no Correa and still Buxton not in the field. Julien makes his MLB debut. He's been great in his nine games with the Saints so far.

Solano, 1B
Buxton, DH
Miranda, 3B
Gordon, LF
Jeffers, C
Larnach, RF
Farmer, SS
Julien, 2B
Taylor, CF

2023 Game 6: Minnesota Twins at Miami Marlins

Pablo López
Jesús Luzardo

López returns to his original park right away this season for a rematch. We will see how well the Marlins remember his repertoire versus López adjusting his pitches this spring.

The Twins did a lot to increase rotation depth and after one turn through, it shows. The starters have a 1.03 ERA after five starts with 10.6 K/9. The relievers too have been great with a 1.53 ERA. The same has not been true for the batters. It was great to win two 2-0 games but I don't recommend it as a long-term strategy.