So, here we are


It's different and all, but we've attempted to keep what's important.

Make yourself comfortable, Citizens.  Posts on conduct (which regulars know already; nothing has changed) and who to contact with creative (me (the Milkman)) and technical (sean and possibly others) questions are forthcoming.

In the meantime, assume your game logs and special features carry over.

78 thoughts on “So, here we are”

  1. I like it. Pretty amazing that just 12 hours after the announcement, and there's already something up and running.

    1. Likewise, thanks to you guys and more for suggestions and logistics solutions. Synergy. Paradigms. You know.

    1. sweeeeet. by the way, is everyone using their original accounts, or did you have to create new ones?

  2. Also, can we fix the thing so that when I hit tab after typing a comment, focus goes to the "Post Comment" button and not to the top of the page?

    1. All it took was for us to ignore our real lives and spend all day with the WGOM, which is essentially what we would've been doing anyway.

      1. When I told Mrs. Hayes what was going on she didn't bat an eye and let me hang out all day.

        1. I wish I could have stuck around to help out more, but I had the WI State Bowling Tourney in the morning (we will not be winning any money) and babysitting with my wife (for the kid she nanny's) in the evening.

  3. That was fast.
    Right after Mr. Guy closed down the bar, Messrs. Milk, Sean, et all built up the same danged thing across the street. Same beers on tap, same menu, same prices. Decor's a bit different though, what with the flowers.
    But all-in-all, Wow.

    As an aside, is this was it was like when Ron Davis was closer?

    1. The flowers will probably only stay for as long as it takes for us to badger one of our talented painters to give us something more meaningful.

        1. Are you secretly Matt Capps, meat?

          Go to bed. I'm gonna go have a beer to celebrate having filed my taxes EARLY.

          1. Can't sleep...a bit worried that things would be different (in a bad way). I was wrong...things are different, but not in a bad way.

    2. Well, I figured out why my gravatar was always different everywhere outside of Apparently, I used an old, no longer valid e-mail address there. Now I need a more up-to-date picture of one of my kids.

  4. Since I'm just assuming this is the new place to BS like always...

    Lady Gaga has a new single out called "Judas."
    It is not a Depeche Mode cover, so don't be disappointed like I was.
    Dang, now I need to find Songs of Faith & Devotion

    1. We actually have a CoC now too, but this is the post we're following today so it's all good.

  5. By the way, everyone, Sean and I are giving authorship privileges to everyone we know had them previously. If you need them for a game log or whatever coming up, you should have them already.

    1. so, you are saying I'm still on the hook for monday's game log intro?? I am really looking forward to the season debut of TBD on the mound for the Twins.

    2. I had authorship privileges, but only for the past 2 weeks and I never had the chance to exercise them. Basically #25 on the 25 man roster: double-emergency backup for a game log or random recap - perhaps a bit like Steve Holm?

      1. Steve Holm!


        OK, now that that's out of my system I won't do that everytime I see "Steve Holm"

        Steve Holm!


        Crap, I've gone and created a self-sustaning loop.

  6. Another thing, since I never tire of my own voice: I put a suggestion box up at the top of the page. It's for voicing opinions on what comes over, or what we've left behind that we might want to start again.

      1. That is entertaining. Over at SM Survivor all my header pages have the ability to accept LTEs. Huh.

      1. You'll need to double-check and make sure your gravatar account is sync'd with the email address you used to register here.

      2. Pretty sure it's got something to do with, but I didn't have to change anything upon getting here for some reason.

      1. I have added "Hire/Fire Moss" to your Dashboard. I can't believe there was such a specific plugin!

  7. I quickly created an account so I can continue to post once every three months. The place looks great. Nice job everyone.

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