2011 Game Log No 97: Indians at Twins

Day Game.


And today's a big one. [Motivational Pep Talk] [Great Speeches Youtube Video] [Baseball!]


TWINS: Nic Blacburn. 3.99 ERA | 4.53 FIP | 3.97 xFIP | 4.68 K/9
indians: Josh Tomlin  4.03 ERA | 4.22 FIP | 3.85 xFIP | 5.07 K/9



  1. Revere CF
  2. Casilla 2nd
  3. Mauer 1st
  4. Cuddy RF
  5. Tomei DH
  6. Dan 3rd
  7. Young LF
  8. Nishioka SS
  9. Butters C


  1. Carrera CF
  2. Cabrera SS
  3. Hafner DH
  4. Santana C
  5. LaPorta 1st
  6. Cabrera 2nd
  7. Chisenhall 3rd
  8. Kearns RF
  9. Valbuena LF

Waiting for the game to start? Want to read a story about cheating in baseball? Here's the one where according to Chili Davis all pitchers were cheaters. Via Fangraphs.

Go Twins!

255 thoughts on “2011 Game Log No 97: Indians at Twins”

  1. Gotta run some errands with Runner daughter for a while, so I'll miss some of the beginning, but if the Twins manages a slew of runs while I'm out, well, I'll make that sacrifice.

  2. Dang, Chili.

    He says some stuff that I really agree with. Albert Belle got hosed. Kirk Gibson did not deserve MVP. And trying for a sacrifice fly is idiotic. But then he says the thing he's most proud of are his RBI totals. Oh well.

    1. I have a record that I’m very proud of. I drove in 112 runs [in 1993] without a sac fly. That was my approach as a hitter. If I have a runner in scoring position, why am I going to change my approach, that I work on every day in the cage? Why am I going to change my swing to hit a fly ball? It’s still an at bat, so why not let this guy make a mistake, like I do every other time, and drive the ball somewhere? I’m trying to get a hit.

      1. yeah, I noticed that after I posted. Still not sure if he's my guy, but I'd have to think about it more now.

  3. Minor quibble, but I wish MLB would fix the opacity of the video in Gameday. I don't like the pitch info popping up from under the live look-in.

  4. 4LTR's box score says the following about Minneapolis' weather today:

    Broken Clouds

    I think not.

  5. Dick makes a good point feeling sorry for the vendors, but he ought to go one step further and mention TC. He's dying today, believe me.

    1. There was a Mascot Softball game before one of the games during this heat wave. I enjoyed that at the Dome, but damn, some mascot's gonna die sometime.

  6. J Thome grounded into double play, first to third to pitcher, J Mauer out at second.

    If I didn't already know the extreme shift Thome gets, this would have confused the hell out of me.

  7. I'm kicking around the idea of going to Chase Field for Saturday night's Rockies-Diamondbacks game, and these prices are so low I'm looking for fine print suggesting I'll be selling my soul or something. Nice surprise.

    1. You'll be watching the game in what amounts to a converted zeppelin hanger, so close enough. I do wish I could go see a Rockies game, though.

      1. Yeah, that part really works out. Now I have to talk the Milkmaid into okaying the tank of gas, as we're 25 miles away and I suppose there will be traffic, what with the D'Backs still very much in the division.

      2. I went to a game there once, from what I remember the stairs in the upper deck were exremely steep. Not good for someone as scared as heights as I am. Also, for some reason it took me forever when I went out to get a beer, the Mrs. wondered what happened to me.

    1. Good for the both of them- at least Gardy doesn't have that disturbing blonde mullet wig on.

      1. He backed off of it and said "[0-Cab] wasn't the answer for these teams, but they paid a little to get a veteran SS to make the routine plays and bring a little offense." Yeah, I won't argue with this, but the damage had been done.

  8. I can't believe that Burnett/Neck Tat are the best thing we can find in this situation.

    1. Assume you mean Mauer? What did he do? I have been in meetings and just now following via gameday.

      1. Oh, I just refreshed and read the comments below about the throw from Casilla. I assume your question was in jest, but COULD someone actually win two in one season? 80 games at catcher, 80 at 1st, being the best by far at both (hypothetically). Would be interesting if highly improbable.

    1. "And a ground ball up the middle, picked up by Casilla. On to first, and a WIDE THROW!"
      ...picked out of the dirt by Joe Mauer."

    1. Bad shoulder, but he was the most highly sought after QB in the country coming out of HS. I'll bet he can throw it.

      1. And he plays (played) a position that involves strong throws. I recall the Fan Scouting Report rating it well.

    2. Right, I guess i'm more interested in how it would grade in the outfield, just out of curiosity.

      1. If anything, it'd grade higher in the outfield. As a rule, infielders (especially SS, 3B, C) have better arms than outfielders. They don't always look as impressive since they often have to throw from a standstill or even with their weight going the wrong way.

  9. Dick: How many times did you hug Carew or Hrbek after they dug one out for you?


    Smalley: I tried to hug Hrbie once, but I couldn't get my arms around him.

    1. I've known one Joe Smith in my life, and he had one of the most flamboyant, loud personalities of anyone I ever knew. So that's the key: beware the common name.

          1. There are two individuals with my name sake that I battle for Google supremecy with - one is a middle school teacher in California and the other was a highschool wrestler in Nebraska - I need to do the exercise again and follow up with my namesakes.

          1. One guy in the Czech Republic, apparently one in Germany, (maybe a couple more littered amongst the slavic areas) but I dominate teh Google.

          2. I own the first 35. Conscious choice on my part. In high school someone w/ my same name was above me for having a large pig or something like that.

            Offense is key.

    1. There's always a GM out there willing to get fleeced in order to get a middle reliever. Unfortunately, the easiest one to fleece isn't in a position to acquire Mijares.

              1. I've canceled many LTE's in similar situations, but sometimes it just needs to be said.

  10. Sometimes there's a man --I won't say a hee-ro, 'cause what's a hee-ro?--but sometimes there's a man. And I'm talkin' about JI JIM here . . .

  11. Mauer and Cuddy both at .297 now; not sure if Joe passed MVP yet or not since I don't have the fourth digit after the decimal.

      1. Given the math abilities of some of the Citizens, I assume you calculated this in your head. MVM (Most Valuable Mathlete)

  12. Valencia with the bases juiced, I like our chances

    Valencia's walk up music at the park today is the great 80's one hit wonder 'Your Love' by The Outfield

    1. I hope Perez doesn't have Danny V too tired from their late night ticklefights.

      1. it was probably used in a movie he like
        also Gordon Beckham of the Southsiders uses it as his walkup music

    1. I know I run contra AMR, the master of such things, but I think a pitcher should be able to get a loss and a BOSO (that won't happen here due to the mid inning pitching change). Getting both is an indication of special suckitude.

  13. Do the Indians not have an actual outfielder they could put in left? 'Cause, you know, Valbuena kinda sucks out there.

  14. Drew Butera comes through with the easy pop-up, insuring that Nathan will replace Capps on the mound for the ninth.

  15. Sorry to go out on a quick tangent here and I'm sorry to those who won't get it, but I must share that Sean is working on a calculation for Spookymilk Survivor teams called "WANPF" - Wins Above Nick Punto's Fury.

      1. IIRC, you willingly fell on your sword. I was the one voted for sean (sorry) during that elimination because I felt you would be more helpful down the road.

  16. Lonnie Chisenhall's Gameday mugshot makes him look like he should be hangin' with Jesse Pinkman.

  17. It was looking bad about 18 hours ago, but since then, everything's coming up roses.

                  1. I grew up watching a decent amount of Hee Haw thanks to my Southern Indiana roots. More than enough to last a lifetime, and you aren't missing anything. But I do love the music.

  18. Really, Joe? Lonnie fucking Chisenhall? Oh well, water under the bridge and game over. I was hoping for more, but I'll take a split after losing two on Monday.

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