2011 Game 154: Mariners at Twins

Pineda vs Slowey

I think the Twins have a decent chance of winning this game. Three players from the opening day lineup and an outfield with three center fielders should make it easier for Slowey, assuming he keeps it in the park.

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  1. In his Twitter feed today, Reusse said that someone in the know was denying the rumor that Mauer has arthritis.

    What? Arthritis? I hope not, because someone as soft as Mauer would certainly not be able to perform at an All-Star level with arthritis.

      1. Yeah, but it would be nice to know ahead of time how many innings they were planning. Will have to wait for one of the writers to update via Twitter I guess.

  2. Chase Field was fun enough. Four first graders were under my eye, but they were great. The Diamondbacks had it well in hand early.

    The bummer is that the retractable roof was closed, but in this heat, if it had been open, I would have wanted to leave after an inning or so.

      1. True. I went to a game there once when it was about 95 degrees out. Roof open. Air conditioning on. Very comfortable.

  3. Well, since I haven't been paying attention for the last 90 minutes or so (working! gasp!), I think I will just go home.

        1. As a kid he was one of three or four legends who really piqued my interest. I think if a new documentary was made on his life and career every month, I'd watch them all.

      1. Butch's mental state similar to his state on January 17, 1999. Not. good.

        I wonder if I can talk him into watching the Lynx.

        1. I think for the rest of the reason we should place a moratorium on not swearing. I really think we have earned it.

            1. Then fate is asinine.

              What was that streak that the Fluketober Rox went on? 21 Wins in last 22 games including the NL playoffs?
              Twins have a chance at 24 Losses in last 25 games, and 33 of last 37.

              1. Losing 45 of the final 54. Oh yeah! If they lose out, they'll have been playing at a 135-loss clip since the trade deadline.

                1. As an aside, I don't like how B-R.com does its winning and losing streaks in the season gamelogs. It's hard to count more than seven hyphens in a row.

                  1. Dido. It would be nice if a counter was included. I usually count the number of rows in the pyramid rather than try to count the dashes.

                1. It was a response to their trademarking of "Rocktober", especially after 2008 saw a 74-win campaign.
                  Sure it's overly harsh, but I can't think of anything good to put in the earmuffs tag.

                  1. I just wondered if "Fluketober" was a thing, and if so, if it was created by whiny Dodgers fans or something. I do remember "Rocktober" now that you mention it, so don't mind me.

  4. Did I just hear Scott Baker is warming in the bullpen? Man, I am out of touch with this team. I thought we already had two closers.

  5. All things considered, it is pretty impressive that a the team who lost the most games the past two seasons in AAA is even remotely competitive in MLB.

    1. How often do you see a guy make an incredible defensive play, and then lead off the the next half-inning with a harmless infield groundout?

  6. OK, Wife and Older daughter went to religious ed tonight. After I put the toddler to bed, I pulled out an old box of Construx to share with HPR.

    I'm not putting the radio broadcasts on high priotity, our soundtrack was American Recordings

        1. Unfortunately yes, but I don't think Parmelee is ready for Opening Day next year, and might not be until 2013. If Cuddyer isn't resigned, I think Hughes, Plouffe, and Mauer will suffice for at least half a year.

  7. Pop Quiz: What member of the Minnesota Twins has the highest Fangraphs "Clutch Score" this season?

    1. As much as I hate Scioscia, I would enjoy if these AL East teams keep beating themselves up allows the Angels to come in and keep both teams out of the playoffs. Final seven games: @Toronto, 6 at home: 3 vs OAK, 3 vs TEX.

      And a three-way tie is still possible, too.

        1. I feel torn here. I agree with this sentiment, but I also think that Scioscia is a pompous jackass and needs to lose as much as possible. And Madden and Girardi come across as subtle variations on Scioscia. Sciosciates, you could call them. Madden maddens me less then Girardi, so it really comes down to: Want Yankess to lose.

          Maybe if the BoSox can back in to the playoffs, they can lose really badly to the, uhm, Tigers? But that would mean Valverde dancing for a wider audience! Crap, I hate every possible AL playoff team save the Rangers.

          1. Yeah, the AL playoffs aren't going to produce a team I like very much, and even if they produce the team I dislike the least, our hero Josh Hamilton is in the World Series again.

  8. One downside of massive beer outlets: I finally splurged for an Oaked Arrogant Bastard Ale at BevMo. It's got an "enjoy by" date of nine days ago. It's...fine. Not worth the money, but good. Now I can't help but wonder if it turned a little bit, and what I'm missing.

      1. Okay, that's a damned good point (I'm three Mirror Ponds deep and now well into the AB Ale, so good points aren't coming to me naturally). Still, it was right there on the cap.

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