Wolves @ Portland 9pm

The Wolves have been living out of their suitcase since the All Star Break, 4th game in 5 days. After this the Wolves return home for a week then go on a grueling 7 game roadie. I'm not saying this is a must win, but man it would be super sweet (my prediction coming out of the break is that the Wolves would go 2-2).

Portland has a few 'whoa, those guys are playing' on the roster: Kurt Thomas (not playing tonight), Marcus Camby, Gerald Wallace.

The Police 'Man In A Suitcase'

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  1. Why are there so many Wolves games on NBATV all of a sudden when my cable provider doesn't carry it. BOOOOOOOOOOO!!!

      1. A bigger question is why doesn't my cable provider carry NBATV? I'm glad I'm leaving this damn state.

        1. yeah thats sumb. my cable carrier has it, but its on the Sports Package which costs extra money

  2. the Blazers might want to plant 2 people on that spot where Love is drilling on the 3's

    1. Is this related to something that happened in the game or it is just an off hand comment?

      1. I was frustrated with some of his defense, but I think I would have made the comment regardless.

  3. All this offense doesn't matter too much if they don't play some defense to go with it.

  4. if you listen closely to the FSN feed, you can hear players swearing a lot and loudly

  5. doing taxes so i'm not paying a lot of attention to the game, but from what i can tell, beasley's doing pretty terrible, yes?

  6. Hey! We managed not to be behind at the half despite a 40 point first quarter. I'm going to assume that's all Wes' fault.

    1. I agree, but that means Wes Johnson's dopey play is coming off the bench and who else has energy to come off the bench

  7. A little late getting to the game log. I have been day dreaming of Batum in a Wolves Jersey.

    1. Ive heard of him thanks to the guys at CanisHoopus, but this is the first time I have seen him action. I like him

  8. I like what I'm seeing out of the Puppies. Ball movement, defensive effort, and Pek!

    1. at one point of the season, maybe even current, Love was leading the team in dunks. They werent the authoritative dunks like he has tonight

    2. I bet he objected to me saying the only thing Blake does better than him is dunking. Love wants to make sure Griffin does nothing better than him.

      I appreciate his commitment to being the best.

    1. Yeah, Butch and I just got chastized for yelling after that last play by D-Will. Seems that Mrs. butch wants to sleep.

      1. With 212 points scored, it seems like there might not have been that many rebounds to get tonight.

      1. Heh. Free tickets to the AAA all star game with season tickets this year.

          1. It is going to be the social event of the season. I will be there.

  9. Love with a 40-10 game with 5 threes. His second career such game and27th in league history.

  10. Love's 41 points is tied for 9th highest in a game by a Wolves player (JR Rider 2-17-95). Garnett has the highest point total at 47

  11. Love joins a motley group of player with 42 points in a game: Beasley, Ricky Davis, Isiah Rider

      1. i don't mean that as in they played poorly, i mean that was a definitely a difficult stretch, and they can be proud to finish it like that.

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