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Game 154. Twins at Tigers

I think Kyle Gibson is going to have a pretty good game. The Tigers are not good and playing out the string with a lame duck manager. I think last game was just a blip, and really it was only a couple of innings he was bad.....I can't believe I believe Kyle Gibson can be a good pitcher. What a crazy season!

(that said, if a team is willing to trade a middling prospect for Gibson I won't complain)

Game 141 Twins at Royals

It would be great if the Twins could score a bunch of runs early and cruise to a victory. This late inning rally stuff is bad for the ol ticker.

Ervin Santana for the Twins. Ian Kennedy for the Royals.

Fun fact! Joe Mauer has 3 IBBs on the season, 2 in the last two games! I predict he hits at least two home runs tonight.

Game 128. Happy Bartolo Day!

I said it last night, that was a disappointing series.  Should have won minimum of 3 games and it didn't happen. But, the Twins are in the 2nd Wild Card slot as they head to Toronto. Its crazy that its August 25th and this is the first time these two teams have played! Lets look to see who's on the roster...Jose Bautista, Josh Donaldson, Kendrys Morales... OH BOY! Twins killers! This should be fun!


Bartolo Colon for the good guys, JA Happ for the Jays

Game 120. Diamondbacks in Minnesota.

Cleveland kneecapped any chance of winning a Division crown. The hope for the rest of the season is to pile stats and maybe stay above .500.

Another day, another new Twins player. Its really getting hard to know who is on the roster and who isn't. Its Kennys Vargas back up? Lew Ford? Kent Hrbek? who knows!! I do know Mitch Garver comes to town. Hopefully he gets playing time.


Ervin Santana goes tonight. We got a chance.