Game 28: Twins at Red Sox

Even casual fans, with proper coaching and education, are able to see that the Win is a flawed statistic for measuring pitcher performance. We can all take consolation in just how flawed the statistic is as the Twins begin a four-game series this evening at Fenway with Clay Buchholz taking the mound for Boston. Because Buchholz has notched six wins this year in his six starts and will be going for this seventh straight tonight. Earned Run Average is another pitching stat that's been maligned in recent years, though it certainly has more evaluative utility than the Win. So don't put too much stock in that 1.01 ERA that Buchholz will take to the mound with him, either. It's still early in the year, the sample size still small. And the fact that Buchholz is 3-0 with a 2.49 ERA against the Twins since 2010 shouldn't matter to you too much, either. Remember, numbers don't win games, players do. If you can repeat that mantra throughout the night about every ten minutes, in Joe Morgan's voice, you'll be just fine (or, ready for institutional commitment). There is still reason to hope for a Twins win tonight. Because just like warm weather in the spring, regression to the mean can come a lot later than you expect.

On the mound for the Twins tonight is Vance Worley, also tossing his seventh start of the year but with nary a Win to his credit and a 7.22 ERA to boot. But again, forget about the numbers. The beauty of this game is that anything can happen. Buchholz might get food poisoning or the gout. Somebody might shoot him in the arm with a tranquilizer dart during warmups. He could slip on a banana peel or some other less trite but equally slippery fruit rind and wrench his back. The point is that there's always hope. For Worley, who the Twins seem to be souring on a bit lately, the best hope is to keep the ball from flying out of the ballpark and to miss a heck of a lot more bats. Let's hope he can figure out how to do that tonight. And remember, hope is a good thing. It's just not a good basis for wagering.

Play ball!

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        1. ONE incision? pussy surgery. I have THREE scars, each of which got a stitch!

          1. I do have a second incision where they put the drain tube. Taking that out was something else, like pulling your testicles out through your navel. So technically I do have two scars, and they did each have a stitch.

            1. Taking the drain tube out of my knee after ACL surgery was discomfiting- I'm sure getting one removed from the abdominal area is excruciating.

          1. Nope, just one stitch, packing on each side of it, and a dressing on top. Because the appendix ruptured they wanted to be able to get back in quick and easy if I developed an abscess.

            1. I just had my plantarsis muscle rupture - also a vestigial thing like the appendix. I wonder if in the future they will just rip this stuff out when we are born.

      1. Been out two weeks now, and was in for four days. Still not back to 100%, but feeling much better. Some tenderness around the incision and I'm not allowed to lift more than 15 pounds for a few more weeks, but I usually don't lift more than 12 ounces at a time anyway.

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  1. I think Mauer got robbed of a triple because the ball bounced over the short wall

  2. I think I saw a smoketrail from the ball on Willingham's hit. wooboy

  3. He's gonna need to change his number.


    That is some kind of wonderful.

    1. That is a heck of a sweet swing. He might need to be changing that number sooner than we all might have expected.

      1. I heard that interview. Kelly talked about Sano first and was fairly complimentary, but when it came to Buxton, he was, for TK, positively effusive.

  4. I just got home from dinner and running errands, and we're only in the bottom of the 5th? We're definitely playing the Red Sox.

  5. that play is up there with the time Mauer tagged Brett Gardner

    on second look, Mauer never got a tag in. lol

      1. Sharp double to the right-center gap that Hicks cuts off. Hicks throws to second, Florimon briefly bobbles the ball before throwing home. Mauer jumps to catch the throw and as he's coming down, Drew awkwardly slides/plows into Mauer's right leg as Mauer reaches down attempting to tag him, getting the call.

      2. Mauer took a relay throw high, so he jumped for it. Runner dude tried sliding under Mauer, only to be held up by Mauers legs. Ump called him out, but Mauer never really got a tag in.

        1. Thanks. Impressive even without the actual tag.

          I don't know about the Gardner play comparison, but this was pretty cool.

          1. Occasional Revere play (and of course "The Catch") excepted, I don't know if I've ever seen a play live that I was as impressed with as the Gardner play.

            1. There is a link on that page saying Crede could return Monday!

    1. Linds went to the Cities over the weekend with her mom, and she came back with a six pack mix and match full of porters and IPAs (plus a pilsner, because of the Bohemian connection). I've been sampling them tonight, and I must say... girl picked out some good stuff.

      1. While you are imbibing why don't you head over to the half baked craf league and we can finish up our trade talks?

    1. I have to say, I loved the open Twayn. Loved it more than just about anything in this crazy, mixed up world. But...

              1. I would absolutely love to see her live. She had three of my favorite songs from last year (including my favorite song - "Give Out")

          1. Is that Ms. Von Etten? I still haven't listened to that record all the way through. I should get around to that soon.

  6. From earlier, and I am paraphrasing, The Twins were warming Burton up in the event they had the lead going in to the 8th. Since the didn't they decided to keep Fein out there

    Good call, Gardy.

  7. Everything in Fenway Park/Yankee Stadium must take forever and be as painful as possible.


        1. I figure I'm allowed. My brother raced and my mother, sister and other brother were there to cheer.
          Edit - though it's surprising how quickly we move on...

    1. But how else will both Burton and Perkins get saves?

      Also, how many pitches is Swagpants going to throw belt-high?

  9. I know Arcia's demonstrated some curious work in the outfield so far, but this seems like exactly the kind of situation that best illustrates why giving him as many starts out there as possible and DHing either Doumit or Parmelee makes the most sense.

  10. I am looking through b-r defensive lineups in the year 2002, and Bobby Keilty started at CF 16 times. I dont remember him being a CFer

        1. And apparently made 22 total center field starts for the Twins over his career (plus three more for the Rockies). Hocking's UZR/150 in 250.1 career center field innings: -51.7.

    1. oh man, in 2008 more than once the OF combo was White-Monroe-Cuddyer
      I have blocked RonDL White and Craig Monroe out of my memory

      1. 2007 was the first year I really began to watch Twins games in earnest. I remember RonDL and Craig Monroe - vividly.

    2. Oct 1 2012: Herrmann, Revere, Carson

      I had to click on Carson's name to figure out who he was.

      1. Herrmann? The backup catcherr?

        I'm prretty sure that nno mann nnamed Carrson has everr played baseball for the Minnnnesota Twinns.

  11. Swarzack is not a particularly good starter, and I don't like seeing him in high leverage situations, but I'm a fan of his in general, so that inning was fun to watch.

  12. Smokestack must be wearing an asbestos uniform. He's been playing with fire for three innings and didn't get burned.

  13. I left for a concert after the top of the fourth inning. The concert had two acts. I have now returned, and the game is still going. The Red Sox take forever...

  14. I was wondering what people thought about a moratorium on critiquing Twins outfielders' range during the game logs?

  15. eh, its probably for the best that this game dont go any longer
    we'll get a win tomorrow

  16. Nothing like waiting up until 11 pm to watch your team lose on the 4th hit of the night by a guy hitting under the Mendoza Line.

    1. I don't know, having ten inches of drain tube removed from your abdomen is a pretty similar feeling.

  17. Well, when you have to play a game in a goofy old park, goofy things are going to happen. I hope someday the Red Sox will get into the twenty-first century and put up a nice, modern field like the Twins have. Until then, though, we'll just have to settle for 147-15!

    1. they should have one where have have to hit the ball at least 325 feet for a HR

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