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2024 Game Log 92 – Twins at White Sox

Twins continue their latest hot streak by taking care of the woeful Chicago White Sox last night and look to continue tonight in the second game of their 3 game series. Twins doing little wrong lately, especially mashing the ball and avoiding strikeouts. It's fun to see a bunch of young players make huge impacts and makes one think the future is bright. Also not only has this hot streak brought the Twins within 5 games of the Guardians, they are sneaking up on the Yankees too for third best record in the AL. Should be a fun summer for baseball, sure would be nice if most of us could watch it on TV.

Bailey Ober on the mound and he continues to impress as a solid #3 or #4 starter. Since I can't see the games on TV, I didn't know that he's 6'9" That's neck tat territory. Wow. Erick Fedde for the Whities and he is easily their best pitcher with 6 wins for a 26 win team and respectable WIP, ERA, etc.

Game time at 7:10 but there's a good chance for rain all evening. Will be interesting to see if they get this in. Rainy tomorrow morning but looks like they could do an afternoon/evening doubleheader on Wednesday.

Happy Birthday–July 9

Jack Powell (1874)
Buck Herzog (1885)
Glenn Myatt (1897)
Wally Post (1929)
Marty Springstead (1937)
Mike Andrews (1943)
Hal Haydel (1944)
Sonny Jackson (1944)
Steve Luebber (1949)
Willie Wilson (1955)
Miguel Montero (1983)
Steven Okert (1991)

Marty Springstead was an American League umpire from 1966-1986.  He later was a supervisor of umpires.

We would also like to extend our best birthday wishes to Pepper.

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2024 Game Log 85 – Tigers at Twins

Twins wrapped up a nice 6 wins out of 9 games road trip and are back at Target field for a three game series against the Detroit Tigers. After a good start, the Tigers have dropped down to what we all thought they'd be: improved but still a sub .500 team. Twins now six games back of the Guardians but will need to take care of business this week as Cleveland plays the White Sox.

Simeon Woods Richardson on the mound for the Twins as he continues to pitch quite well and help all forget about Louie Varland as a starter. Tarik Skubal for the Tigers and he's been lights out this year with a WHIP under 1.0, 9 wins, and nearly 10.5 SO per 9 innings pitched. He's only 27 and setting up to be the Tigers ace for while.

Weather looks iffy so let's hope they get this game in.

First pitch at 6:40p

Happy Birthday–June 29

Wilbert Robinson (1863)
Harry Frazee (1880)
Bobby Veach (1888)
Ollie Carnegie (1899)
Ken Blackman (1911)
Dizzy Trout (1915)
Cal Drummond (1917)
Bob Shaw (1933)
Katsuya Nomura (1935)
Harmon Killebrew (1936)
John Boccabella (1941)
Larry Stahl (1941)
Bruce Kimm (1951)
Rick Honeycutt (1954)
Pedro Guerrero (1956)
John Wehner (1967)
Trey Hodges (1978)
Dusty Hughes (1982)
Brooks Raley (1988)
Jose Miranda (1998)

Harry Frazee was the owner of the Red Sox from 1916-1923 and is best remembered for selling Babe Ruth to the Yankees.

Ollie Carnegie is the all-time home run king of the International League with 258.  He started his minor league career at age 32.

Ken Blackman was a minor league player, college coach, minor league executive, and major league scout.

Cal Drummond was an American League umpire from 1960-1969.

Katsuya Nomura hit 657 home runs in Japan during his twenty-five-year career.

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2024 Game Log 79 – Twins at Diamondbacks

Are we still doing game logs? I'll keep doing my Tuesday until instructed to stop.

Twins pull into Phoenix tonight against the defending NL Champion Arizona Diamondbacks. D-backs a bit disappointing this year, although they are still viable for a Wildcard spot. Twins need to keep with their winning ways if they want to keep pace for the Guardians so should be a fun series. Well except for the excessive heat that is as it is slated to be 105 at first pitch today and 110 on Wednesday and Thursday. Fun! (yes I know they play indoors).

Joe Ryan on the mound and looking to build on a decent season. Brandon Pfaandt on for the Arizona and he's been middling so hopefully Twins literal hot bats will translate into hit.

First Pitch at 8:40.

2024 Game Log 73 – Rays at Twins

Tampa Bay Rays come into town and for once are just kind of scuffling along at 4 games under .500. With Yankees and Orioles having monster seasons and the rest of that division pretty competitive, probably no playoffs in sight. Will be interesting to see what the Rays do at the trade deadline (#evergreen). Twins on one of their upswings but this one finally has helped them make inroads within the division as they are only 0.5 game behind the Royals and 5.5 behind Guardians.

Aaron Civale for the Rays, and while a one strike out per inning guy, he's been fairly mediocre this year. Basically he's been a 5-inning, 6-hit guy all season and the Rays have lost the last five games he has started. Pablo Lopez for the Twins and I think mid-June is a good time to start that typical second hand Pablo Lopez surge.

As of 8:15 this morning, not sure if this game gets in as the forecast is for thunderstorms starting right around 5:00p.

Schedule first pitch at 6:40

Happy Birthday–June 18

Due to personal time constraints, this is a reprint from last year which has not been updated.

Charlie Ganzel (1862)
Russ Hodges (1910)
Roy Partlow (1912)
Ron Necciai (1932)
Lou Brock (1939)
Bill James (1949)
Andres Galarraga (1961)
Sandy Alomar (1966)
Felix Heredia (1975)
Tommy Watkins (1980)
Steve Cishek (1986)
Jason Castro (1987)
J. B. Shuck (1987)
Matt Moore (1989)
Tomas Telis (1991)

Russ Hodges was a baseball broadcaster from 1929-1970, most notably with the Giants.  He is most famous for his home run call on Bobby Thomson's "Shot Heard 'Round the World" in 1951.

Ron Necciai struck out 27 batters in a nine inning game while playing for Bristol in the Appalachian League in 1952.

It may never happen, but Bill James belongs in the Hall of Fame.

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Happy Birthday–June 16

Pete Coscarart (1913)
Max Surkont (1922)
Ernie Johnson (1924)
Richard Jacobs (1925)
Bob Miller (1926)
Ken Johnson (1933)
Joe Decker (1947)
Ron LeFlore (1948)
Salome Barojas (1957)
Wally Joyner (1962)
Calvin Schiraldi (1962)
Kevin Young (1969)
Chris Gomez (1971)
Kerry Wood (1977)
Joe Saunders (1981)
Jonathan Broxton (1984)
Justin Haley (1991)
Zack Weiss (1992)
Ian Hamilton (1995)

Richard Jacobs was the owner of the Cleveland Indians from 1986-2000.

The Bob Miller born today, although a pitcher, is not the Bob Miller who pitched for the Twins.

We would also like to wish a very happy birthday to texastwinsfan.

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2024 Game Lot 67 – Rockies at Twins

Twins back on their upswing in a up and down season. Hosting the 20 games under .500 Colorado Rockies certainly helps. Cal Quintrill pitching for the Rox and after a pretty good 2022 season for the Guardians, looks like he's at the journeyman stage of his career. Hopefully Twins batters can feast.

Louie Varland back up for the Twins to give the starters a break in A 13-game streak. Varland didn't really do much in St. Paul to convince anyone he's figured it out, but who knows, maybe the deli spread in a MLB clubhouse will be all the motivation he needs.

Looks like the weather should clear by this evening so should be a nice game for baseball.

6:40 first pitch.