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Happy Birthday–June 1

Ted Breitenstein (1869)
Otto Miller (1889)
Hank Severeid (1891)
Guy Morton (1893)
Johnny Mostil (1896)
Ray Moore (1926)
Jack Kralick (1935)
Roy Majtyka (1939)
Dean Chance (1941)
Randy Hundley (1942)
Ken McMullen (1942)
Jeff Nelson (1965)
Derek Lowe (1973)
Carlos Zambrano (1981)
Andrew Stevenson (1994)

Roy Majtyka was a long-time minor-league manager, winning 1,832 games.

Jeff Nelson has been a major league umpire since 1997.

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2023 Game Log 55 – Twins at Astros

After some heroics from Royce Lewis yesterday, Twins back at it tonight against Houston in an evening game. Joe Ryan on the mound vs. Brandon Bielak. Twins definitely come out ahead on today's pitching match up so hopefully the bats can be active and timely once again. No word this morning on Byron Buxton who was not in the line up yesterday. He's been pretty wretched at the plate since he dinged that knee so hopefully a few days off will get him back on track. LATE

UPDATE: Buxton in today's lineup. Hopefully the one day did him good.

First pitch at 7:10 from lovely Houston, TX.

2023 Game Log 49 – Giants at Twins

Oof. Twins have lost five of last seven games all to California teams and for the most part have looked pretty lousy doing so. Sonny Gray on the mound for the Twins tonight and although he has pitched well all season, he hasn't won a game yet in May either. Alex Cobb for the Giants.

Twins have a tough stretch of games coming up and it would be nice to feast upon the so-so Giants. If the rest of the Central wasn't so lousy I'd be worried about going all GOSO on the Twins but I think we can still count on some good baseball throughout the summer, especially with Gray, Ryan, and Lopez heading up the starting rotation.

Game time 6:40 and looks like a glorious night for outdoor baseball.

2023 Game Log 43 – Twins at Dodgers

So an up and down night at Chavez Ravine Monday with poor starting pitching, a Twins team that battled back to take a late lead, crappy umpiring, and then a bullpen implosion. Hollywood is just down the way from the ballpark, it should take notes on the drama and villains from last night. Now the Twins have to bounce back with a depleted bullpen and a shot at Clayton Kershaw. Hopefully, Phil Cuzzi is no longer behind the plate and along the 3rd baseline where he belongs. (Narrator: Cuzzi in fact should not be along the 3rd base line either).

Bailey Ober on the mound for the Twins and he's done really well and making a case for staying up in the bigs. Thing I learned today: Bailey Ober is tall! He's listed at 6'9". Unfortunately for the Twins, Clayton Kershaw putting up great regular season numbers again. Perhaps we can use some Hollywood CGI magic and convince him today's outing is a playoff game.

First pitch at 9:10p Central and looks like a glorious night for baseball out in southern California.

2023 Game Log 42: Minnesota Twins and Los Angeles Dodgers

Hey, look at that, another free MLB.tv game! And our old friend Plouffe! will be in the booth the whole road trip.

The Twins walk into Dodger Stadium while the home team maintains a nine game win streak in their arena. On top of this, the Twins have lost ten(!) games in a row against the Dodgers.

Syndergaard is not at his best this season and López is at nearly half his ERA. While the Dodgers have decent pitching overall, let's hope the Twins can get to Noah early.

The Assbats® seem to have taken the weekend off, and hopefully they didn't make the trip out to LA.

2023 Game Log 36 – Padres at Twins

San Diego Padres and their $250 million dollar payroll come into town for a rare series against the Twins. Even with elite hitters such as Manny Machado, Juan Soto, and Fernando Tatis, Jr., the Padres have been about as ass-batty as the Twins, with near league lows in average and runs scored.

Extremely tall Iowa native Michael Wacha on the mound for the Padres. He was very good last year for Red Sox against the Twins so we will see if that success continues. Louie Varland has pitched ok with no decisions since being called up so it would be nice to seem him get settled and pitch a good game.

Thing I Learned Today: Nelson Cruz plays for the Padres.

Game time 6:40 with decent temps and a slight chance for rain.

2023 Game Log 30 – Twins at White Sox

Twins at The Rate for the first time this year against the comically bad White Sox. White Sox have spent the first month of the year mixing poor pitching and lousy batting to their usual menu of atrocious fielding which unsurprisingly has led to a sub .300 record. You hate to see it.

Michael Kopech on the mound for the Whities and even though the Twins can bring out the ass bats with the worst of them, hopefully Kopech's 7.01 ERA and 1.71 WHIP will strike no fear in Twins batters hearts. Joe Ryan puts his undefeated record on the line and looking to add a league leading 6th win to his 2023 totals.

Looks like a chilly but dry night for baseball on the Southside tonight. First pitch scheduled for 6:10.

Twins Lineup:
DH - Byron Buxton
2B - Jorge Polanco
SS - Carlos Correa
LF - Trevor Larnach
3B - Jose Miranda
RF - Max Kepler
1B - Joey Gallo
C - Christian Vázquez
CF - Michael A. Taylor