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2017 Game 98: Minnesota Twins vs. Los Angeles Dodgers

Minnesota Twins vs. Los Angeles Dodgers

(49-48)                                          (68-31)
Dodger Stadium
1000 Vin Scully Ave
Los Angeles, California
7:10 PM PDT

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Minnesota Twins Starting Lineup
1. Dozier, 2B
2. Mauer, 1B
3. Sanó, 3B
4. Escobar, SS
5. Rosario, LF
6. Grossman, RF
7. Castro, C
8. Granite, CF
9. Colón, P

Texas Rangers Starting Lineup
1. Taylor, LF
2. Seager, SS
3. Turner, 3B
4. Bellinger, 1B
5. Forsythe, 2B
6. Grandal, C
7. Pederson, CF
8. Puig, RF
9. Ryu, P

Probable Starting Pitchers
Bartolo "Big Sexy" Colón
R, 2-9, 8.19
L, 3-6, 4.21

Game 93: Yankees at Twins

We all have to admit this Twins season has been better than expected. Forty-seven wins on July 17, while the 2016 version hadn’t won #47 until August 13th, team somewhat in the play-off mix in a bad division, good years from Sano, Santana, Berrios, Kintzler… we all know the facts. The Twins have been playing decent, fun baseball. When they get blown out, heck throw the back-up catcher out there for an inning. It’s fun and baseball is a game, meaning it should be fun.

That’s why the Twins signing Bartolo Colón and having him pitch against the Yankees is such a compelling story. It’s fun, it’s interesting. It has a bit of “hey check out this crazy thing.” Will Aaron Judge hit a massive homerun off of Colón? Likely. Will Bartolo dazzle the Yankees for 6 innings with 3-hit ball? Unlikely. Is this just a marketing ploy to get a few more tickets sold at Target Field or a few more eyeballs checking out DicknBert? Could be. Who knows what will happen tonight but isn’t that the compelling part? That it will be fun to see? That tomorrow you will see a bunch of memes or funny tweets? That at least for a little bit we were engaged by baseball?

Yankees pitcher is some guy named Luis Cessa. Game time at 7:10p. The big sexy thunderstorms earlier forecasted during game time seem to have dissapated so it looks like game on.

Game 89. Twins @ Astros

The second half begins! The Twins are in the hunt for a division title or a wild card slot, but I am thinking there is not enough starting and relief pitching to get the Twins there. I know, a scorching take right there.

One pitcher I trust is Jose Berrios. He starts tonight so thats good. But the Twins are playing the best team in the AL, the Houston Astros.

Maybe we'll sweep the 'Stros like they swept us at Target Field!

Happy Birthday–July 10

Jimmy McAleer (1864)
Bobby Lowe (1865)
John Heydler (1869)
Wayne Blackburn (1914)
Paul Pryor (1927)
Gene Alley (1940)
Hal McRae (1945)
Bob Bailor (1951)
Andre Dawson (1954)
Buddy Groom (1965)
Lee Stevens (1967)
Marty Cordova (1969)
ByungHo Park (1986)
Ryan Wheeler (1988)

John Heydler was the president of the National League from 1918-1934.

Wayne Blackburn was a minor league infielder from 1936-1956.  He drew over 1,400 walks in his career.

Paul Pryor was a National League umpire from 1961-1981 and is an alumnus of the author’s alma mater, the University of South Dakota.

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Game 86 Twins hosting O’s

With the win last night, it guarantees the Twins will be at or above .500 at the All Star Break.  I would have never guessed that during Spring Training.

Felix Jorge starts tonight. He showed enough in his last start to at least get a second and third try. Kevin Gausman o for the O's. In  his last 5 starts against the Twins, he has pitched 24 innings and surrendered 18 runs. I like our chances for a W tonight!

Happy Birthday–July 7

George Moriarty (1885)
Double Duty Radcliffe (1902)
Satchel Paige (1906)
Billy Herman (1909)
Sammy White (1927)
John Gordon (1940)
Bill Melton (1945)
Tommy Moore (1948)
Len Barker (1955)
Dan Gladden (1957)
Glenn Hoffman (1958)
Tim Teufel (1958)
Dave Burba (1966)
Jeff Shaw (1966)
Chuck Knoblauch (1968)
Matt Mantei (1973)
Cory Provus (1978)
John Buck (1980)
Brandon McCarthy (1983)
Yangervis Solarte (1987)

Ted “Double Duty” Radcliffe played in the Negro Leagues for many years.  He got his nickname because he would sometimes catch one game of a doubleheader and pitch the other.  He played professionally until 1954, when he retired at age 52.  He is the oldest player to ever appear in a professional baseball game, throwing one pitch for the Schaumberg Flyers of the Northern League in 1999 when he was 96.

John Gordon was a radio broadcaster for the Twins from 1987 through 2011.

Tommy Moore was drafted by Minnesota in the twenty-eighth round in 1966, but did not sign.

Cory Provus has been a radio broadcaster for the Twins since 2012.

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Happy Birthday–July 5

Jack Farrell (1857)
Robert Brown (1876)
Charles Stoneham (1876)
Bump Hadley (1904)
Jack Krol (1936)
Curt Blefary (1943)
Gary Matthews (1950)
Rich Gossage (1951)
Dave Eiland (1966)
Tim Worrell (1967)
Bo Porter (1972)
Jesse Crain (1981)
Marco Estrada (1983)
Jorge Polanco (1993)

 Robert Brown owned various teams in Vancouver from 1910-45.  He was also president of the Western International League in 1953.  He is a member of the Canadian Baseball Hall of Fame.

Charles Stoneham owned the New York Giants from 1919 until his death in 1936.

Jack Krol was a long-time minor league manager and major league coach. coaching for St. Louis from 1977-80 and San Diego from 1981-86.

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2017 Game 82: Anaheim Angels v. Minnesota Twins

Sorry, don't have a lot of time so a couple quick points as we plunge into the 2nd half:
-Sano had the lead in All-Star voting but lost it at the last moment. Santana and he will represent the Twins this year.
-Meyer (whom I'm sure you know is having a decent year) is facing off against Mejia for the second time this year. Neither figured in the decision their first time.
-That's it. I just said "a couple".