95 thoughts on “Game 125: Twins in Motor Kittie City”

    1. Batting averages for the lineup range from .218 (Colabello and Florimon) to .269 (Morneau!). Yuck.

      Edit: Wilkin is at .279! Trending upwards!

  1. Picked up a bomber of New Belgium's Transatlantique Kriek to enjoy this evening after supper. Judging by the Twins' starting lineup tonight, I might need to chase it with something stronger. Looks like there's a pretty large discrepancy between the rankings on RateBeer and BeerAdvocate, so I'm curious where I'll come down on it.

    1. Maybe I've softened in my old age, but I've even finding BA scores to be less and less useful due to what seems to be score deflation as craft beers gets more and more popular.

      1. These days I basically use the ratings as a rough gauge of whether it's worth my time/money, particularly with bombers that cost as much as a sixer.

    2. I'm on my own for dinner tonight, so I picked up some Leinenkugel Oktoberfest to have with my steak, salad and hash browns.

      1. We (kernel and me) were on our own for dinner tonight - leftovers! Leftover frozen veggies. Leftover penne with red sauce and 'Italian' venison sausage. Leftover Amstel Light.* Leftover wedding cake for "muh-prise".**

        *entertaining non-craft beer drinkers last weekend.
        **what my daughter calls any treat: 2-year-old speak for desert/surprise.

        1. Sweet corn omelets with sausage patties and slices of honeydew, plus an Alaskan Summer. (Not a bad pairing, actually.) Just starting the Kriek now.

      1. Trying to remember if it was you, Milkman, who was raving about Surly Cynic. Picked some up at Four Firkins when I was in Minneapolis last; holy cow.

        1. Don't get me wrong, I'm a big fan of Ichiro. He'll get number 3,000 in another couple of years on top of all of his hits in Japan. That's phenomenal.

  2. Bert on vacation for a few weeks. I hope we get a lot of TK in the booth when the boys come home.

        1. In fairness though, it probably only looked so easy because he was moving so slowly.

  3. Chick vs. Anabel
    So: Ace vs. Ace.
    Can't believe this didn't get the mlb.com ACE/OFF treatment.

  4. I saw my brother over the weekend and he gave me a big package of venison beer sticks. Not quite as good as the deer sausage he gave me last fall, but still plenty tasty.

  5. Why is Herrmann inn Rright Field and Doumit catching?
    The whole "Trading Butters" plan comes back to bite GMTR in the buttocks.

    1. That is a very good question. Maybe Gardy doesn't anticipate any balls coming to Doumit behind the plate.

    1. Pitch 1 looked close enough for Cabrera to hit into CF.
      (One Gameday*)
      Pitch 3 nearly broke Gameday*.


  6. I shot a 63 on a par 36 tonight.

    looks like me and the Twins have something in common

  7. Oh, good. Rick Anderson from 25 years ago went forward in time so that he could bring himself in to pitch.

  8. In theory, I'm still watching this game. In reality I have 3 other monitors going all of which are more interesting at this point.

  9. ``I’ve said he’s one of the toughest players I’ve ever managed, (and) in big situations he gets tougher,” manager Jim Leyland said (of ii). “He knows how to grind out a tough at-bat against a good pitcher, and I think that’s one of his biggest assets. That’s why he’s been so successful for a long time.''

    ii OPS on the season: .803
    ii with RISP: .733
    ii with RISP & 2 outs: .621
    ii in High Leverage situations: .554
    ii in Late & Close situations: .458

    I see a pattern in the stats, but not the way Leyland talks about.

  10. Clearly, we need a rule change so that you only have to get two outs per inning. If that was the case, it would be a scoreless tie and the Twins would still be playing. I assume the Pohlads are on the phone with their good friend Bud Selig even as I type this. Until that rule change becomes retroactive, though, we'll just have to settle for 92-70!

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