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2014 – Game 116: Twins at Athletics

I won't talk about May here ... things can only improve for him, right?

As for today's game, I wouldn't mind avoiding the sweep, but that's about all the energy I've got to invest at this point.

Hughes (11-8, 4.01 ERA, 98 ERA+, 2.68 FIP, 1.246 WHIP) v. Hammel (9-9, 3.70 ERA, 104 ERA+, 3.78 FIP, 1.203 WHIP)*

*2014 combined stats: Cubs & A's

Following yesterday's game, the Twins did what most (all?) of us thought they should be doing at this point in another lost season by trading veteran pitcher Kevin Correia to the Los Angeles Dodgers for cash or a player to be named later. There was some brief discussion of it here yesterday. Comments were pretty matter of fact. Between insufficient run support and about average stuff, Correia provided about as was expected. Even so, according to sean:

Correia had a 1.6 rWAR last season and a -0.0 rWAR this season. FanGraphs rates them 1.4 fWAR and 0.9 fWAR respectively. The Dodgers are paying the final $1.5 million, so that's 1.6 rWAR and 2.3 fWAR for $8.5 million. That's $5.3 million / rWAR and $3.7 million / fWAR. He did everything the Twins expected, plus some.

That's kind of a nice way to sum up that FA signing...they got what was expected, plus some.

2014 Game 93: Twins @ Rockies

So, that Tulowitzki dude is something else, eh?

Linds has declared this weekend to be Morneau weekend. She's blocked off our schedules to watch the games, and is wearing the Rockie shirt that my aunt got her. She was crowing after last night's win. Good times.

Today, the Twins try to save face by sending Kevin Correia against some new guy named Tyler Matzek. A cursory look at Matzek's bbref page seems imply that he used to be some sort of prospect, but that he's had a tough time keeping the ball in the strike zone through his trip through the minors. I'd be okay with lots of walks today, but the trick will, of course, be silencing Colorado's bats. Let's hope Mr. Correia is up to the challenge.

(editor's note: sorry, hj, I know it's boring to replay a featured image in back-to-back games, but I didn't have time this morning to find a cool, creative commons picture of a Coors Lite can sitting by a ballfield like I wanted to).

2014 Game 88: Nice at Sleepless

I don't have a slew of things to say about Seattle, and the less I say about the Twins right now the better my chances of avoiding profanity. I don't know if the Twins are a mediocre team in a bad slump or a bad team in a mediocre slump. Either way, at this point in the season and with my frustration turning quickly to ennui, it's probably just as well that the Twins kick off a seven-game road trip in Seattle tonight before breaking for the All-Star game next week. The games will be on late enough that I can safely ignore them without feeling too much fan guilt.

Tonight the Twins send Kevin Correia (4-10, 4.95 ERA) to the mound. His performance of late is better than his record might indicate, losing five of his last nine starts, but with a 3.50 ERA over that span. Seattle trots out Hisashi Iwakuma (6-4, 3.33 ERA), an All-Star last year who is having just a decent season this year after missing the first month with a torn finger tendon. Play ball!

2014 Game 83: Kansas City Royals vs. Minnesota Twins

The Twins hope to keep their home winning ways intact (relatively to their recent sojourns) in this rubber match against the Royals. A series win would certainly be a nice boost as they prepared to host the Yankees for a 4 game affair. Oh yeah, and:

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