8 thoughts on “World Cup Matchday 12”

  1. If this CROMEX draw holds, Magoo will take the lead of the pick'em pool outright. Bonus for 1-1 draw.
    I've got CRO 1-2 MEX.
    FTLT could join Magoo and I if the final is CRO 1-0 MEX
    Nibs could get closer with this 0-0 score holding.

    No one near the top had Cameroon scoring a single goal, and everyone had Brazil winning, so that score doesn't matter.

  2. So I'm watching hilites of CMRBRA and I have to say:
    Yellow shirt with Green Trim, Blue shorts, and white sox = beautiful.
    Yellow shirt with Green Trim, White shorts, and white sox = abomination that should be removed from this earth.

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