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December 2, 2023: Rain Out

There's a convention center right next to my work, and about 3-4 weekends a year now there's some sort of Anime, etc. type of show in town. It's a treat to see all the weird costumes walking up and down the street suddenly. Today the Furries were in town, but it was raining pretty good so everyone just carried their fursonas into the hall instead of wearing them. Man, that's one of the best ones to watch.

The World’s Greatest Online Magazine Presents The Half-Baked Podcast: 17. You Win Some, You Lose Seven In A Row Some

The Wild did win on Tuesday, so that kind of ruins the title, but that's okay.

It's been awhile, friends, but we're back (at least for the next quarter to half year). DG, DK, and hj kept our focus on the Wild, the changes behind the bench, and the issues with those on the bench. We start with the beginning of the season, the miserable start, and the circumstances leading to the removal of Dean Evanson (which is still very hard for hj not to pronounce as "Evanston"). Next, we take a look at his replacement and feel wanting. Then we go further up the ladder and try to decide if we grudgingly respect Bill Guerin or just respectfully grudgen him. We even close with a little bit of light through the clouds. Please mash that subscribe button and enjoy.