18 thoughts on “July 12, 2014: Blitzkrieg Bop”

    1. I mentioned Haden & Bela Fleck before, but it was Charlie Haden & Pat Metheny from the Missouri Skies duet that I was mis-remembering

    1. I suspect it's only temporary. They sent him out to make room for Kris Johnson, who was needed to pitch last night. With the all-star break coming up, it'll be a while before they need a fifth or even a fourth starter again, so it was an easy move to make. I'd be surprised if Pino isn't back with the Twins shortly after the all-star break.

    1. also, Hamilton is holding his on at the plate: .285/.318/.424/.742 OPS+ 105. 37 steals, 14 caughts.

    2. I watched that for a very long time this morning. I even showed the gif to my wife, and I have to be pretty blown away by a baseball thing to bother showing her.

  1. Great. I'm the only one who picked Brazil in 3rd place game meaning I could be in first going into the final and Brazil finds themselves down 0-1 in 3rd minute.

    I still like my chances however.

  2. Was walking through the living room while Mrs. Runner and Runner daughter were watching So You Think You Can Dance? and noticed the judges were wearing baseball jerseys in honor of the AS Game (on FOX of course). This caught my eye:
    so you think you can dance

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