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The “Cup of Coffee” is the daily post where the Citizens are free to chat about whatever they want. Topics that prove sufficiently popular often migrate to their own, dedicated post.

April 18, 2024: Lost & Found

I misplaced my wallet last summer. I was pretty sure it was somewhere around the house, but I wasn't able to find it. I could (mostly) pay for stuff with my phone and I was monitoring my accounts for any weird charges, so everything was mostly fine. After a week and a half or so, I gave up and replaced all the cards and IDs and moved on with my life.

On Monday, I received a hand written card from a grocery store in an area I'm occasionally in, but not often, saying someone had turned my wallet into them. I stopped by there yesterday and they indeed had my old wallet in pristine condition with all inventory accounted for. The person working there when I stopped by didn't know anything about it but I am very curious how it ended up there ten months after the fact.

April 16, 2024: The Awakening

I've been a big fan of Hanif Abdurriqib for a long time. For some reason, he's been a fan of the Wolves by choice for years. I hope we all have a great ride.

April 12, 2024: Clomp Clomp Clomp

I realized a while ago there's a(n annoying?) trope of bands/artists ending their albums by getting up, walking to and through a door, and closing it behind them. The Replacements, Neutral Milk Hotel, Julien Baker, and a few more I'm forgetting. What are your annoying music cliches? Also, while we're here, drop a list why not?