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March 27, 2020: The Reward For Hard Work Is More Work

Here's a minor dilemma:

I have kind of a dickboss. Won't get into specifics, but one of those types that decides to insert themselves in everything and just makes it all more difficult. Anyway, everyone's WFH right now, but I'm also operating a day care and home school. Work is, well... slow. Slow enough to the point where it probably doesn't look like I'm doing much, though that's because there isn't much to do. There isn't like a communal work pile to draw from, and as I'm basically the only member of my division, I'm kind of compartmentalized from everyone else anyway.

So, the question is this: do I ask said dickboss for more work? Anything I ask/request from them always ends up in some weird place I wasn't expecting at the beginning (and almost always in a negative way). Or, should I just kind of coast/day care/home school for now in the hopes more work will fall down to me and keep my head low otherwise? As the title of this CoC implies, while this is a slow period, I'm not in a rush to ask for more work. Especially with how "much" of it other co-workers manage. That path, however, risks receiving ire from said dickboss.

It's a complicated tapestry...

Withdrawing this very minor complaint.