2015 Game 3: Twins at Tigers

Sean tells me that this is the twelfth time - ever - that a team has started the season by getting shut out twice. If the Twins are going to be just one of twelve rather than one of one to hold the record, they'll be needing that run today. I fully expect for there to be a sarcastic cheer when the Twins score a run, so let's get that out of the way and maybe even consider getting out of Detroit with a win.

Today, Kyle Gibson faces Shane Greene. Who is Shane Greene? This is his sophomore campaign after being a meh starter for the Yankees last year in fourteen games. He was an old rookie at 27, and his upside looks to be pretty limited, as he strikes out some but walks too many. He does KEEP THE BALL DOWN, though, so expect no home runs in our quest for a run. If they prove me wrong, even better.

At least there's no Scherzer or Verlander here, right?

Let's take something positive from this series, Twins.

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  1. Pulling something from yesterday's game log as it quickly fell to the bottom of the sidebar.

    From 2014:

    Month Runs/Game
    March/April 4.51
    May 4.17
    June 4.12
    July 4.04
    August 4.08
    September/October 3.90

    Conclusion: Spring training is much too short. It needs to be seven months to get pitchers into shape. I wonder what the distribution of sacrifice hits by non-pitchers looks like now.

      1. Just post the Tweet's URL?
        Like this:
        https:// twitter. com/MillerStrib/status/586208296349999105

          1. Hm, I was hoping this wouldn't go through the same permissions issues as before but it appears that is not the case.

            1. I've noticed that I only ever see the full nifty Twitter box on my phone. On computer, I only see the text.


  2. If the Red Wings play their Opening Day game today, they will be facing Andrew Albers, who is pitching for Buffalo. Hicks is leading off with Rosario batting second and Pinto third. The rest of their lineup: yikes!

    1. Alex Meyer living dangerously. Gives up a leadoff double and a walk, then a lineout double play and a lineout to CF. Red Wings lead 1-0 after one after Brock Peterson singled in Hicks from second after Hicks led off with a walk (what else).

      1. Wings up 5-1 in the fifth. Peterson followed the RBI double with a two-run homer. Hicks hit a solo homer. If Meyer gets through the fifth inning, he'll be the first Red Wings starter to go five innings on opening day since Boof Bonser in 2006.

        1. Meyer walks the first two batters of the sixth and is pulled. Logan Darnell replaces him. Meyer had 6 walks and 3 Ks in five innings pitched.

            1. The Twins traded 3 cheap years of Span for Meyer, who they haven't called up to the majors yet.

              That same off season the Indigenous Persons traded one year of Shin-Soo Choo and some flotsam to get Trevor Bauer in a three team deal.


  3. Through two and a half games, BIlly Hamilton is set to shatter the single season stolen base record with 270. This will move him into 118th place on the all time list, and would likely single-handedly get me 12 points in our Fantasy league.

  4. After watching Adrian Gonzalez put on a show last night, here's my questions: how many games until the Twins' team home run total passes AGon's individual HR total? He has a 5 dinger lead right now. I'm gonna guess 10.

  5. I'm in Fargo today and at the coffee shop they're playing the hold steady. Its a sign. WE'RE GONNA WIN TWINS! (if we play today)

  6. I'll just say that I was looking at tickets for the home opener and the cheapest I could find yesterday were $63 dollars. The rest of the week $4. I might be seeing a lot of baseball this year.

    1. Giving up only one run in the second feels almost like a victory.
      (Probably, not watching).

  7. According to the Tigers' announcers, the Twins just set the franchise record for scoreless innings to start a season. Eat it 1903 Washington Senators.

      1. Yeah of course NBC is poking their head in for clickthroughs. I thought this was pretty hilarious. He should have dropped an FBomb in there too.

    1. Escobar hits one dead center that would've been over the fence most places. #MoralVictories

  8. Tonight, in lieu of going out, I decided to get some Thai takeout from the Thai place right next to my hotel and I'm washing it down with this and this.

    I got some Pad Kee-Mao and some crab rangoons. The crab rangoons are holy crap good.

      1. It is a tale of two IPAs, most certainly.

        Triton is an Indianapolis brewery, since I was trying to keep my trip mostly local. The Rail Splitter was a lot maltier than I'm used to with my IPAs, but it did have enough hops to make it pretty balanced. It was a really easy drinker.

        Thirsty Dog appears to be an Akron brewery. Unfortunately, I kind of wasted the first bottle by drinking it the spicy noodles. I didn't get much out of it. I'm a sucker for citra hops, though, and this one is only using them. It's nice and citrusy. I can't decide if its a little too dry, or not, though.

        All in all, a couple of nice, if unspectacular, IPAs from two states that aren't my favorites.

        and seriously, if you're ever in Muncie, Thai Smile is the place to get those amazing rangoons. I've had some shockingly memorable food here.

  9. I have this strange feeling the bullpen may be overworked early on in the season.... again.

    1. Call up Fryer. DicknBert told me he had a great spring hitting sub-.200 with no power.

      1. You were misinformed. He hit over .300 in the spring and slugged over .500. Granted, I would expect sub .200 with no power and I'm sure DicknBert would have said he had a great spring regardless.

      1. If MLB.tv has a live look in and nobody watches it, was a record really broken?

  10. I literally just turned the game on, so I'm claiming credit for ruining history.

  11. They may have scored a run but still don't have any ribeyes to show for it.

  12. What's with all the gloom and doom here? The Twins are 1/2 game up on the White Sux! (for a few more minutes anyway...)

      1. by NBA standards, a six-point lead is only two possessions. As the Padre said yesterday, it's nothing that a couple of Grand Slams couldn't fix.

  13. Is it too much to ask to come home from a twelve hour shift at a fairly unenjoyable job and find to Twins won? Evidently so, but hey, we scored run.

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