Game 14: Twins @ Royals

Milone (2-0, 2.08 ERA) vs. Vargas (1-1, 6.00 ERA)

Hooray, the first Tuesday game of the year! And it isn't Big Pelf starting!

I suppose one could say that Milone is the Twins new ace in this SSST of the first month of the season. He's the only one having any real consistent success. Considering the brutality of the Twins OF defense, his team leading 6.9 SO/9 could be a part of that. (although I do expect Hughes's totals to come up from where they are at the moment.)

My main point here is to say that I really can't wait until the young'uns in the lower levels show some success and make their way to the big club.

Here's to hoping the Twins can rough up Vargas like they did last week, if only due to reports yesterday of moldy hot dogs being served at Kaufman stadium for dollar dog day on Friday. (Ok, it was against the A's, but still. Nice reminder that, yes everyone liked the Royals last year but they are still owned by terrible people.)

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  1. Cant stop laughing at the hot dog pic.
    Although I feel sorry for those fans who bought rotten food.

      1. I should clarify, Im laughing at the hot dog pic on the top of this story, not the moldy food.
        Its not the first time there has been complaint about gross food at Kaufmann.

  2. My twitter feed has been taken over by NFL schedule talk (ugh)
    I sort of miss the Joe Mauer bashing.

    1. My little CBS Sports app shows me about two new mock drafts a week.

      This week, the Eagles have traded twice to get Mariotta!

      ...only they didn't, because none of this has happened or will ever happen. It's the worst.

      1. I like football and all, but its really overkill in the offseason. Thankfully for my sanity, I've learned to shut most of it off. I pretty much only watch the games now and tune out the rest.

  3. So... my half-bakef fantasy team is terrible - slumps, injuries, suspensions & mismanagement everywhere. Of course I pick tonight to leave Gordon and Santana on the bench.

    1. A rare base running mistake by Joe Mauer. Looked like he thought the CFer was going to catch it.

  4. Joe's mistakes don't really come back to haunt them, but still, two unfortunate baserunni gmistakes in consecutive at bats.

    1. Because they paid him for his spring training and traded him before his regular season.

  5. Jason Marquis had 8 strikeouts in 5 innings tonight. Also gave up 9 hits and 5 runs.

  6. If you havent watched the Twins this year and want to know about the Twins bullpen


  7. This was Molly's first test on the road about using the closer and he PASSES!

    1. Nunez or Herrrrrmannnn. Not much of a bench.

      It's nice to see Santana follow in Florimon's shoes as one-year wonder shortstop who regresses way beyond the mean.

      1. Santana didnt play SS very much last year.

        Can Sano play there? Maybe Sano to 1B and Mauer to SS.

          1. Torii can't play right field anymore, move him to short a nice, big farm where he'll have lots of room to run around?


  8. Molitor needs to trust his starters to get out of their own jams. I couldn't believe he brought in Boyer when it was the No. 9 hitter at the plate. Give Milone one more batter at least. Glad to see Molitor thinking outside of the box bringing in Perkins in the 8th inning of a tied game. Of course, the Twins would have had to win it in the ninth or face the prospects of using Thielbar and/or Stauffer in extra innings.

    1. I know people who think Gardy left starters in too long such that they would implode and the bullpen didn't matter. So I'm ok with a slightly quicker hook.

  9. Alright, gotta step away. Bring this one home fellas!

    I meant the Twins...grrr.

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