22 thoughts on “Game 42 Twins at Chicago”

  1. This is only the 5th game all year that Twins pitchers have recorded 9+ strikeouts.

    1. Pulling Hughes made some sense since he wasn't exactly dominating. May looked to be cruising. But, still seven innings and it's only a one run game. Bringing in relievers is the right move from a win expectancy point.

    1. I go back and forth in that situation. On the one hand, you take the "bat out of the hands" of Mauer. On the other hand, the two batters after Suzuki (even though one is Mauer) won't average a .500 OBP. So a successful bunt guarantees two runners one with one out. If you look at a run expectancy chart, a leadoff walk means you would expect 0.88 runs. 1st and 2nd with one out is a run expectancy of 0.92, so you've slightly increased the run expectancy, but the probability of scoring at least 1 run drops slightly.

  2. Trevor May now has a 36-8 K-BB ratio in 43 2/3 innings this year. In his first three major league appearances, he had 13 walks and 3 strikeouts. Since then, he has 77 strikeouts and 17 walks allowed for a 4.53 K-BB ratio. The AL average is 2.5.

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