Game 64 Recap – Cardinals 3, Twins 2

A friend and I decided to head on down from the Twin Cities of Illinois (Bloomington Normal) and catch my favorite team visiting his favorite team.

The game started out like a lot of Twins games have this year with the Twins getting a quick run in the first inning.  Then there was a rain delay, followed by a lot of non-Twin scoring, followed by another rain delay, followed by a quick run that I didn't even realize scored (I forgot there was a runner on when the second rain delay hit).

The biggest mistake Gibson made was an 0-1 pitch to Mark Reynolds in the third, causing two runs to score.  The Twins never could really figure Wacha out.  The rain was enough to take Wacha out, but the Twins wasted opportunities in the last innings.  First there was the Buxton caught stealing.  You apparently do not run on Yadier Molina.  It wasn't even close.  Hunter got a single on the next pitch.  So instead of 2 on with 1 out, it was 1 on with 2 outs, and Mauer popped up to end it.

In the ninth, the twins had two on with Escobar batting.  I thought we possibly had a chance, and was really hoping for Buxton to have another shot at the plate.  Instead, Escobar hit a long fly ball to deep right field, but it wasn't deep enough.

Overall, I had a great time at the game.  I got to visit Ballpark Village, which is a pretty cool area to hang out before the game.  We were walking through the Fox Sports Midwest Live bar area, when a guy stopped me and asked me to play this (rigged) trivia game with a Cards fan.  It was broadcast on the big screen in the bar.  He asked me questions about the Cardinals (How many titles, when Busch opened), while he asked the other guy what state the Minnesota Twins played in.   I was a good sport and let the other guy win, and I got a free beer out of it (Me of all people).  I don't drink beer very much, but they had an apple ale and I was happy to partake.

Our seats were on the third base side, where the wall tilts toward the outfield.  We were in the second row.  (that is to say there was a row of seats in front of us, and in front of those seats was the field)  It was awesome.  We had a couple balls come relatively close, but none close enough.

It's the second game in a row that I've had to endure a rain delay.  (My previous game was my encounter with Denard Span at a Cubs/Nats game in 2013).  At least we had ponchos and stayed relatively dry.

During the second rain delay, my friend and I walked over to the Twins dugout to see if we could see any of the guys.  The only guys still there at this point were Mauer and Buxton, sitting together, talking about God only knows.  Maybe it was a passing of the torch.  Maybe they were discussing Clash of Clans, who knows.  It was a cool thing to see, and it's the closest I've ever been to those guys.

All in all, it was disappointing to see them lose, but it was fun to have great seats and to see our guys up close.  Here's hoping that they can get some revenge on the Cards and start up their year ending 98 game winning streak.  We'll just have to settle for 132-30.

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  1. This was a good recap of what sounds to have been a nice trip to the park. I was this -><- close to road tripping down to StL to catch a game & visit my buddy. He (and his wife and kiddos) ended up in MN instead. Funny how that works.

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