Game 113: Rangers at Twins

Texas Rangers:
1. CF D. DeShields Jr. (R)
2. RF Shin-Soo Choo (L)
3. DH Prince Fielder (L)
4. 3B Adrian Beltre (R)
5. 1B Mitch Moreland (L)
6. LF Josh Hamilton (L)
7. SS Elvis Andrus (R)
8. 2B Rougned Odor (L)
9. CB Bobby Wilson (R)

Minnesota Twins:
1. CF Aaron Hicks (S)
2. 2B Brian Dozier (R)
3. 1B Joe Mauer (L)
4. DH Miguel Sano (R)
5. 3B Trevor Plouffe (R)
6. RF Torii Hunter (R)
7. LF Eddie Rosario (L)
8. C Kurt Suzuki (R)
9. SS Eduardo Nunez (R)

TEX: Nick Martinez (R) (7-6, 3.91)
MIN: Mike Pelfrey (R) (5-7, 4.06)

Go Twins!

32 thoughts on “Game 113: Rangers at Twins”

  1. I kind of feel like the twins should strongly consider extending the hell out of Sano's contract in a Longoria/Trout kind of way.

      1. I forget how highly his patience was heralded, but that's what's struck me the most so far this year. If this is his skill level in his first few months, I can't wait to see his prowess once his skill is honed even further.

  2. I don't often get to watch the Twins telecast, so I'd forgotten just how terrible Dick and Bert are. Nearly unlistenable, what with Bremmer 's rigid parochialism and Bert's dull banter. The radio crew is head and shoulders above those two.

      1. Strange as it sounds, I've actually grown to like Gladden. A lot of the credit goes to Provus, with whom the Dazz has really good chemistry. They seem to enjoy each others company and have a bit of fun while they're at it. I feel like Gladden had to babysit Gordo those last few seasons and the strain of that task really came through for the listener.

        1. I'm in full agreement (and always utilize the radio audio feed on my PS3). I love it when Provus makes that goofy laugh of his at some snide comment of Dazzle's. To be sure, I'm sure there are a hundred better candidates out there, but I've been a lot more satisfied with the radio product of late.

          On a related topic, who replaces Bert? I'm not liking any of the current in-house options.

          1. Im a big Roy Smalley fan. He does need work to make his points without using 5,000 words.

        2. I wonder if Gladden tends to live up (or down) to the quality of his partner. In his early years, I always thought he was better when paired with Herb than when paired with Gordo. Now that he's paired with Provus, as you say he does better. And as Rhu_Ru said, having a decent team probably helps, too.

        3. You're absolutely right about Gordo, I hadn't considered that. Dazzle's been less GOML, and certainly Provus is keeping the booth more relaxed. I know that when I have access to the TV feed, I still mute and watch with the radio guys on audio.

      1. I know I've said it so many times, but I having the ability to watch the game and switch to a radio feed that's completely synced with the video.

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