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Game 123: twins @ rangers

Okay, that's more like it.

This is pretty clearly going to be a dogfight to the end of the season, but last weekend, things were looking pretty dire.

They still need to tighten up just about every part of their game (the defense,in particular, has looked really sloppy these last few weeks), but now that the Twins are taking on lesser teams, and now that the Clevelanders are taking on actual contenders, this thing looks doable.

Berrios takes on Jurado tonight. This SHOULD be a winnable game. Let's make it happen.

I'm taking MarWIN.

Game 109: T @ TC

Prior to Adrián Beltré, my favorite Ranger was probably Rusty Greer, who received a non-roster invitation to spring training from the Twins in 2005. Greer, whose career had been derailed by numerous injuries, elected to retire instead.

Numerous players have worn uniforms of both the Twins and Rangers in their careers, including Twins broadcasters Bert Blyleven and Roy Smalley, plus bullpen coach Eddie Guardado. Chris Gimenez, now a Twin in large part due relationships he developed elsewhere with the Twins' new front office brain trust, played for Thad Levine in Texas. Heck, Dillon Gee has played for both teams this season.

Only a small handful of these shared alumni – less than ten percent – played for only those two teams. The most notable of these was a starter for a Twins team that won more than 90 games. He finished his seven year career with 1.8 rWAR. Who is he?

Game 107: Old New Senators @ Old Senators

Two franchises bound by a common former home. Frank Howard was easily the star of the old new Washington Senators. Howard totaled 26.6 rWAR during his time in the District of Columbia; only Ken McMullen, a third baseman imported from the Dodgers along with Howard in December 1964, joined Hondo above 20 rWAR (21.3). Meanwhile, six Twins posted at least that much during the same period: Killebrew (50.4), Oliva (42.7), Allison (30.4), Kaat (29.3), Perry (25.8), and one other player.

Who was the sixth Twin to top 20 rWAR between 1961-1971, when those old new Senators left nine-year-old RFK Stadium for a minor league ballpark in Texas with no covered seating?

Game 21: Twins at Rangers

The Tale of Two Lefty's
Hector Santiago (2-1, 2.19 ERA, 0.97 WHIP, 4 BB:17 SO's through 24.2 IP, 3.65 RS/9)
Cole Hamels (1-0, 2.77 ERA, 1.16 WHIP, 9 BB:14 SO's through 26 IP, 7.62 RS/9)

I actually think Santiago's a better pitcher than I'd given him credit for. As cheaptoy noted, this is probably due to the fact that someone was willing to trade him to the Twins in exchange for Ricky Nolasco.

Fun Fact: Mauer is 0-12 facing Hamels - most at-bats without a hit against any pitcher... so, he's due?

After some early miscues and missed opportunities, the Twins nearly managed a 'GreekHouse call' last night, falling only 1 run short of the necessary 8. Sure wouldn't mind them accomplishing that goal this evening.

Last year the team was never over .500 (closest they'd get was 17.5 games back at 46-66, a .411 winning percentage) through 20 games, they were already 6-14. At 10-10, the fellas are in 4th place, but only 1.5 games behind 1st place Detroit. A win puts the Twins back over .500 on the season.