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Game 71: Twins @ Rangers

Kenta Maeda goes for the Twins as they pursue their second sweep of the season.

Let's talk series wins this season shall we?

* There were those first two series, when the beat the Brewers and the Tigers. Followed by 5 series without a series win

* Then they won a series against the Royals at the end of April. Followed by 6 series without a series win

* Then they beat Cleveland two out of three and swept the Orioles. Followed by 6 series without a series win before arriving in Texas.

Enough of that. Yuck.

Amazingly, the Twins have managed to split enough Friday-Saturday games (they've done that 10 times while never winning both days or losing both days until this weekend) that they could end this weekend with .500 or better records on all the weekend days.

Friday 6-5
Saturday 5-5
Sunday 4-5

It's weird to be excited about .500 records, but here we are.

Game 70: twins @ rangers

The Twins are maybe a little better than they seem.

That's perhaps an absurd thing to say above t the most disappointing team of my lifetime, but over the last thirty games, they're playing an even .500. that's not GOOD, by any stretch, and it doesn't negate the ridiculous 13-26 record they started the season with (and it won't save them from being sellers at the deadline), but it's not 100 loss territory, either.

Aaaaand, that's about it for the good news. Almost half the games have been started by pit cf hers who currently have 6+ ERAs, including this afternoon's dating participant, Randy Dobnak. The Übermensch was a feel good story when he snagged a long term deal over the winter, but this happy ending has been pretty well ruined by the postscript. He's currently in a race with Matty Shoes to see who can hit 9 ERA first, and much as I believe in Shoemaker's abilities, Randy might get there first based simply in the fact that he's still in the rotation.

Will Randy prove me wrong? I kind of doubt it, but that's why they play the games.

Go Twins!


2021 Game 30: Texas Rangers at Minnesota Twins

Game Time - 12:10 p.m. CDT

Ass-bats and ass-arms. Either the Twins are a better team than their record indicates, or this isn't going to be the team I thought it was going to be. But it's still early and I take solace in the conventional wisdom that the front office has two months to figure out what's broke and two months to fix it. I'd suggest, though, that they don't need another month of figuring and can move directly on to the fixing at this point.

Big Mike starts off the slinging for the Twins today, he's 2-1 with a 2.30 ERA and 27 strikeouts in five starts and you can't ask for much more than that. Jordan Lyles takes the mound for the Rangers in the matinee sporting a 1-2 record with a 7.39 ERA. He was roughed up to the tune of five runs over four innings by the Red Sox in his last start and he's given up 12 over his last two, so there may be opportunity to put some crooked numbers on the board. Play ball!

2021Game Log 28 – Rangers at Twins

Twins have been showing some signs of life lately with timely bats and decent starting pitching so why not finally bring Kyle Gibson to the mound to keep that winning streak going. Wait, I'm being told that Kyle Gibson is now pitching for the Rangers and he's been good Gibby?

Yes, Kyle Gibson has a 3.0 record for the Rangers, was their opening day starter and has earned that honor with a dang good season so far. Fun to see him do well but we all know it's time for bad Gibby to show is head sometime so why not tonight?

J.A. Happ for the Twins and he's been a pleasant surprise with a 2.0 record and 1.96 ERA.

Nice night for a ballgame if you can get in. 6:40p start.

Twins Lineup: