82 thoughts on “Game 119”

  1. So C. C. Sabathia, who isn't a good pitcher any more, is completely shutting down the Twins' offense. I wish I could say I was surprised.

      1. Carsten, actually. Which is an Anglicization of Carstino, the Italian bastardization of the Armenian Jharmië, which is the equivalent of the English... Jeremy.

  2. Hint, despite the three youth ballparks on the site where Ruth insisted the Yankees play, it isn't the same grounds. It is at least the same area but that's about it.

  3. Why has Shane Robinson been taking ground balls at short? I mean, if we're thinking we could get into an extra-inning game and might need him in an emergency, that's okay. But if we're seriously considering him as a shortstop option, that's ridiculous.

  4. Remember when the Twins would bunt on Sabathia all the time and Sabathia would get mad?

  5. If a broken down, shadow copy of C.C. Sabathia pitches a shutout, much less a no hitter, much less a perfect game. I am going to be displeased.

  6. The Yankee broadcast crew at YES reminds me of the NBA Clippers crew--Lawler and Smith.
    Slick? God damn right.
    Homers? Yeah, pretty much.
    Better than the local team? By a great margin.

    1. I don't know about the YES crew, but the Twins radio team easily has the Yankees' team beat.

  7. My hope is that they didn't pinch-hit with Rosario because they're going to use him as a defensive replacement for Hunter.

  8. :swoon:

  9. I'm not saying ball four to Ryan was a strike, but man Suzuki is horrendous at framing pitches.

    1. He's still death to lefties, but it's a bit different when you have two men on base when facing them.

  10. We've got eleventy billion relief pitchers, and we have to use J. R. Graham to face Alex Rodriguez.

    1. That's what happens when you decide to do a bullpen game. And just not have a good 'pen in general.

  11. That was Rodriguez's 50th career HR against the Twins. He has done that playing with AL West and East teams. Amazing.

    1. That was his 679th home run. I think it's been 14 teams in the AL for most of his career so you'd expect 679/13 = 52 home runs per team. So, quick math says exactly average against the Twins.

      1. subtract the ~35 interleague HR's

        He has hit 50 against the Royals too. Dang.

        LAA - 70
        BAL- 65
        TOR - 57
        BOS - 56
        TB - 52
        MIN/KC - 50

      2. Except (545 at bats versus Twins / 10215 cater at bats) = 5.3% of career at bats * 679 homeruns = 36 homeruns if normal rate

        1. I think that makes me feel better about thinking Rodriguez owning the Twins (and Royals). Because he does.

  12. Wait a second, has spooky always been sitting behind Lasorda in that picture and I was missing the joak?

      1. I was always just so amused by the picture that I failed to notice the next row

  13. This year I was finally starting to let go of some of my Yankee hatred. Then this series comes along and I'm reminded just why I fraking HATE this rassafrackin team

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