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Game 109: royals @ twins

Well, back to the business of winning baseball games, i guess. It's not like Ernie de la Trinidad is going to gey promoted now and make things watchable.

A while back, i said that if Sano, Buxton, and Dozier didnt heat up, we were done for. Well, Dozier's on a differemt team, and it's looking increasingly likely that we won't be seeing Buxton until next April, so what now?

Well, first off, Belisle* needs to be gone. This plan doesn't even need a step two. Call up Chris Gimenez. See if he's willing to leave the Cubs in order to get the opportunity he's always wanted: pitching relief for a mediocre ball club.

Or, you know, get a look at what you're working with next year......unless what you're working with next year is Belisle*...


* Feel free to subsritute "Bobby Wilson" here. The best part is, the plan and target player wouldn't need to change at all!