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Game 58: twins @ royals

Yesterday's game was terrible, luckily, I didn't make it past the second run in the bottom of the first. I got home from work, had the game on in the car, and had a vague idea of where things were going.

I assume today's game will be better. Will it actually be worth watching/listening to? Who knows. At this point, each game gets taken at its own merits. Berrios could pitch a no hitter. That would be worth listening. He could earn the Matty P. Shoes Award For Outstanding Achievement in Giving Up Runs to Teams from Kansas City. If that's the case, this game log will barely have been worth making.

So it goes.

Game 45: twins @ clevelanders

Winning streak!

Today, our beloved Twins try to extend their winning streak to 3 games for just the second time this year, and the first time 4.

To that end, they'll send out last year's Cy Young award runner-up to take on last year's winner. Man, both of those pitchers were pretty great last year. One of them has been pretty great this year, too. Too bad it's the other guy.

Yes, King Kenta has just been off all season. Last time he took on the Clevelanders, it was utterly infuriating. Let's hope he's able to do better against a lineup that the Übermensch dominated last night, and the lineup manages to run into something against the Popstar.

Game 19: pirates @ twins

So, what exactly happened since my last game log?

Let's see, back in those days, the team was 5-2. That Saturday was the start of a 5 game losing steak and a stretch of maybe the most frustrating baseball the Twins have played under Rocco. I've long been interested in what, exactly, Rocco"s response would be to an extended cold streak. So far, the word is "stay the course". Hopefully that's enough. Continue reading Game 19: pirates @ twins

Game 2: twins @ brewers

Let's try this again, shall we?

As referenced in today's CoC, the day off is stupid, and yesterday, it felt REALLY stupid. I wanted nothing more than a new game to wash out the unpleasantry of opening day. Alas.

JosACE Berrios takes the mound tonight. Hopefully he's sharp, and hopefully another Brewers pitcher tries to sneak strike one by Buxton.

Game 1 was going pretty well up until the ninth. Tonight, with any luck, they can make it through all nine.

Semler – Star Shopping

It's a queer Christian singer-songwriter doing a cover of a Lil Peep classic!

Honestly, Semler is the most interesting sorry I'm music so far this year for me. She recently put out a new EP called "Preacher's Kid" and labeled it as a Christian EP (it very much is exactly that), and then through word of mouth and a couple of very strategic retweets, got enough listeners to unseat the mighty Lauren Daigle at #1 on iTunes, if only for a little while.

The EP itself is an amazing companion to anyone who felt a little out of place in 90s youth group culture. "Jesus From Texas" is the heavy hitter and obvious standout (and would absolutely be the video here if a live version existed), but the whole thing straddles the line between (very) righteous indignation and hopeful belief in such a way that it lit a fire in me that I thought was long since extinguished. Great stuff.

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