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Game 61: rays @ twins

We're almost through what looked to be the scariest part of the schedule, and the Twins have done alright. Two of three in Toronto, one of three against the Yankees, and now one of one against Tampa.

The best part has been watching the offense come alive against some really good pitching. In the aforementioned games, they've knocked around Gausmann, Tailon, Nestor, and Cole. Those are some good pitchers.

Today, they get to face off against a guy making his 2022 debut. Unfortunately, the Rays get to face off against Chi Chi, which is.... suboptimal. Hopefully Joe Ryan and Bailey Over and Sonny Gray get back soon, because the rotation is in rough shape.

Go Twins!

Game 8: twins @ fenway

Happy "Byron Buxton is not seriously injured" day to all who observe.

A simple sigh of relief is customary on this most holy of baseball days, but some other local observances vary.

Karl Anthony Towns and Anthony Edwards intend to drop unholy amounts to buckets on the unsuspecting Memphis Grizzlies. Sonny Gray, meanwhile, has opted to strike out Red Sox by the dozen. I simply intend to drink a beer and soak in the celebratory atmosphere of Byron Buxton finally getting good news about an injury for once.

What's in everyone's glass on this fine Saturday afternoon? By all means, drop a note about any other sports-related happenings you happen to be taking in.

Game 2: mariners @ twins

Baseball is back, folks. For yesterday, that was enough. A couple of months ago, it seemed basically impossible for them to be playing baseball anywhere but across the ocean in early April, but he we are.

Today's tilt features the other big Twins offseason acquisition in Sonny Gray. "Sonny" is actually his given name, which....I didn't really know that was a name people game their kids anymore. Either way, the Twins just need him to go out and put in fine or six solid innings and get to the bullpen.

Speaking of the bullpen, Duran was pretty fun yesterday, huh? Here's a retrospective of the Mariners batters trying to hit Duran's offerings once he settled in.

Kid's gonna be fun to watch.

Hopefully today, the offense is fun to watch.

Go twins!


Turnstile – Blackout

My actual two favorite songs of the year ("Hardline" by Julien Baker and "4Runner" by Rostam) have already been played on the site, and impossibly, there does not exist any good live footage of "Great Mass of Color" by Deafheaven. So I'm going hardcore.

Glow On was a great album. Album opener "Mystery" lights a fuse, and "Blackout" comes along with the inevitable explosion.

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Game, the penultimate: twins @ royals

Well, this season didn't quite go the way we planned.

I figured that this was a 95 win team, and we're two games from an assured last place finish and most likely a number 8 draft pick in 2022. Disappointing.

There have been plenty of glimmers of hope for the future -- Buxton finally looking like a genuine superstar chief among them, but let's not try to put any perfume on this stinker. Not paying extra this spring for a TV plan that included any Twins games looks like one my best financial decisions ever at this point.

Here to close the door just a little bit further is Griffin Jax. There have been reasons to believe in certain starters this year, but I'm not sold on Jax. Who knows, though? Maybe tonight is the start of a new and improved era of Jax domination!

Well, hell. I'm fired up now. Let's do this, Griffin!