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2017 Game 11: sox @ twins

It's Jackie Robinson day. It took them too long to make it happen, but better late than never. The game was made infinitely better by Jackie, and the whole "everybody wears 42"thing is a great way to commemorate him.

The Twins sort of need another hot steak. I know it's asinine to complain about their record after last year, but they are 2-4 over their last six

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Father Knows Best: Nightmare at 20,000 Feet

The terrible twos have come a few months early!

Now, normally, this is actually not that bad a thing. As long as he's happy and content, watching him run around like a hellion and play toys and body slam his giant plush BB-8 is actually a joy to behold.

I'm just wondering how well that energy is going to work when we have to contain it for three hours on a plane.

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Friday Music Day: Year End Spectacular!

2016 was a weird year (well....duh).

Personally, I felt my tastes solidify quite a bit. I listened to less new music than ever before for a variety of reasons, and what I did listen to had a WAY lower retention than in years past.

Still, I did listen to a lot of stuff I enjoyed. You'll find a smattering after the jump (my actual top 20 list I'll just put a a reply). Feel free to post stuff you liked this year, in list form or not, doesn't matter.

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Game 149: twins @ mestball

Well, it's official. Our favored team needs to play better than .500 the rest of the way out to avoid 100 losses. I don't feel that it's particularly doable, but hope springs eternal and all that.

Today, the twins take on the mestball. Our only decent starter goes up against a rookie who had a 4.28 ERA in the minors. My hopes for this one are modest - Brian Dozier hits three home runs, and Mauer hits a walkoff grand slam to cap off Santana's 13k no hit shutout.

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