Game 135: Twins @ Royals

Gibson (9-9, 3.84 ERA, 4.06 xFIP) vs. Volquez (12-7, 3.53 ERA, 4.27 xFIP)

Upon brief perusal of stats, this appears to be a matchup of rather similar pitchers. mid to high 3's for ERA, slightly higher xFIP's. They'll strike out a couple guys, but not all of them. Volquez favors the flyball a bit more than Gibson, though, so hopefully the Twins can turn some of those into HR's. It'd be real nice if Sano could break out of this mini-slump and hit some balls hard.

I would also like to see Buxton in there today. (and everyday, but dead horse) I suspect we may not since Hunter's had some hits the past two games, though.

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  1. Dick Bremer posed the question that was asked of him: "Why are the Twins better this year?"

    My answer, starting pitching (even though its been down in the past month)

    1. Year Batting rWAR Pitching rWAR
      2015 9.4 13.7
      2014 17.4 8.2

      That's 27.1 rWAR for a full season in 2015 and 25.6 in 2014. They are better in fielding this year than last.

  2. Which Twins player has the most hits against the Royals?

    I know it's not true but I automatically thought Luis Rivas. He used to destroy the Royals.

    1. Rivas is 29th. Hunter is fourth, just three more than Hrbek, at 146. Mauer is second with 196.

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      1. Person with the most success against the Royals on an at bat basis.

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  3. Kyle Gibson in line for a complete game loss.
    No one would have predicted that after the first 9 pitches of the game.

    1. Really nice recovery and adjustment. He would have been gone after two or three innings last year. Not only did he give the Twins a chance in this game, they didn't have to use any of their best relievers to keep this game close, so they'll be well rested for tomorrow.

      1. I think Logan Darnell was the only reliever that was stirring, unless I missed one late in the game.

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