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Game 135: Twins @ Royals

Gibson (9-9, 3.84 ERA, 4.06 xFIP) vs. Volquez (12-7, 3.53 ERA, 4.27 xFIP)

Upon brief perusal of stats, this appears to be a matchup of rather similar pitchers. mid to high 3's for ERA, slightly higher xFIP's. They'll strike out a couple guys, but not all of them. Volquez favors the flyball a bit more than Gibson, though, so hopefully the Twins can turn some of those into HR's. It'd be real nice if Sano could break out of this mini-slump and hit some balls hard.

I would also like to see Buxton in there today. (and everyday, but dead horse) I suspect we may not since Hunter's had some hits the past two games, though.