130 thoughts on “Game 159: In progress”

  1. For being a giant tool about the batflip, Suzuki sure lollygagged like Bryce Harper running out his grounder.

          1. I've seen that image on just about every kind of printable merch you can imagine. I nearly bought a phone case involving cat riding unicorn with uzi.

  2. By the eye test, Plouffe has massively improved as a third baseman. Much more consistent, much more liable to make above average plays

  3. Cleveland fans with a Tampa Bay Rays level of effort of showing up at the ballyard this series.

  4. How did Pujols almost get thrown out from third on a sac fly in which Josh Hamilton caught the ball, crashed into the wall, fell down, and then threw the ball to the infield?

    1. That's what I was wondering. He was very nearly thrown out, and on a fly ball that deep, with that series of events, that seems impossible.

  5. I was thinking earlier today...

    The biggest thing this stretch drive is missing is New Guy's ridiculous optimism about Orlando Ballgame. Send out the New Guy signal!

  6. Why would Boyer, rather than Jepsen, get Santana if a runner reaches? How could you possibly be saving Jepsen this late in the season?

  7. If Allen does anything but throw his hard curveball down and away here, then he's crazy.



    1. I have always loved Adrian Beltre going back to when my roommate in 2006 was a huge M's fan.

  10. So... just dreaming right now about Game 163?

    Duffey on short rest?
    Shane Robinson?
    Start Perk and have him go as long possible?

    Remember that crazy final day of the regular season when Papelboner blew the Red Sox game and the Rays snuck in? Rumor has it the Red Sox had an agreement with the Royals to "acquire" Bruce Chen to start a game 163 because its staff was so depleted. Maybe the Twins could trade for someone who passed through waivers already.

        1. Remember the uproar amongst the intrawebs when Duffey was called up and May was still in the pen because he was not stretched out to start? Good times.

  11. The Twins' Magic Number is 5.
    For both LAA and HOU as of right now.
    When Twins Wins + LAA Losses and
    Twins Wins + HOU Losses >e;5, the Twins are playing an extra game in the Bronkxs.
    If one of those numbers gets to 4 and the other to 5: tiebreaker game!
    If both of those numbers get to 4: 3-way tie!

    1. It would be a big consolation to me. How much more rope can Moreno give Scioscia?
      Twins magic number to finish ahead of the Angels: 4!

      1. Scioscia has outdone his Pythag almost every single season. Either way, Moreno and Scioscia deserve each other, It's just too bad they win so much.

        1. They may have outdone their Pythag, but perhaps their run-scoring-and-prevention weren't up to PECOTA expectations before the years.
          I don't know who I'll "hate" once Scioscia is fired, but I don't have to panic that the Twins will hire him any more.

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