61 thoughts on “June 5, 2016: Five Years Ago Today…”

  1. That was a fun weekend, but no way it was 5 years already. Man, time sure files.

      1. It was HOT. I think our car said it was 110 when we started our drive back home.

    1. Also, Thome is my homey T-shirt is one of my great regrets. I may just make one to satisfy myself.

                1. not on her right foot -- it was definitely a sandal. I don't even have to mention the sandal Mrs. DG and Magoo were wearing on their left foot.

      1. Actually, PR is sick so we're canceling. If you know anyone who wants tickets let me know.

              1. I know I could have sold them for probably double what I did, but I hate people who snatch up tickets just to resell and profit. I sold mine a little above face value just to recoup something for having to drive downtown to hand them over.

                1. I hate that too. But I meant, that amount of profit is insufficient to cover the value of the show you missed.

                  1. Amazing. I remember some discussion about whether SS showed enough passion (or something like that) at the Fine Line show. Not an issue last night.

                    I scanned the crowd for WGOMers, but that place was packed.

                    1. I hung by free all night - saw Algonad in line before the show and looked for you to no avail. There was some talk about him being low-key, but the basement take was that he and the band wailed.

                      We were right of center stage (basically "second row") - photo taken over the top of free's head.

                    2. No doubt. SS threw down last night. Sometimes after a particular great song or guitar part, Corn was just laughing out loud. I interpreted that laugh to be "this is so amazing it's ridiculous and I have to laugh to express the pure joy it created."

                    3. If anything, they took it up about six notches last night. When we didn't hear any new songs for the first hour, I "knew" we were going to hear a bunch in the 2nd half ... when he opened with "Welcome to Earth (Pollywog)" the albums first song, I told free we were going to hear the whole thing. Dude(s) did not disappoint.

                      [edit]: free, that's a better description than I could've expressed without sounding trite or pretentious.

                    4. Huh, we were basically second row but to Sturgill's right..directly in front of the guitar player. I figured you guys would be front center and I kept looking over there. I guess I should use the technology next time....

                    5. If I recall, PR was sick for the last Sturgill show too...

                      The Kanye comparison's a bit of a stretch, but the rest of this ain't far off. I wish I could find a recording of "When the Levee Breaks" ... man-oh-man.

                    6. Yep, last time was a migraine. This week it's nausea and achiness. Sometimes I'm so thankful I'm a dude.

                    7. I ended up in the back at the top of the stairs to the floor. How did you get that close? It was packed early.

                    8. In order to get that close, you have to be willing to piss some people off, slide into an open space when available, go forward when others are dropping back, and don't engage with people a lot bigger than you. It's a process.

  2. So, my friend drove home under the influence last night, and crashed into a cop who was responding to a fatal car crash. He's a good person who's obviously made a terrible decision. I'm just really, really upset by this. oh mama.

      1. Thanks. I'm happy that he didn't kill anyone, and I'm happy that he's alive. I had a couple of text messages with him yesterday, but because we were just off international flights we didn't go out. I don't feel guilty, but I always have a guest bedroom available ... that's got me a little twisted up right now.

        1. damn.

          Hard to imagine how he gets out of this one without a conviction. Has he ever had a DUI before?

          A first-offense DWI is considered a misdemeanor with the following penalties:

          Up to six months imprisonment or a fine of $300 to $1,000
          48 hours in jail
          Up to two years probation (depending on the court)
          About 30 hours of re-education involving mandatory attendance and completion of three courses in substance abuse, driver improvement, and a MADD victims impact program
          Plus at least 32 hours of community service, half of which must be garbage pickup on the street
          Special penalty requirements for 1st-time DWI:

          If the BAC is over .15, then an additional 48 hours of the jail sentence cannot be suspended.
          If the BAC is over .20, then 48 hours of mandatory jail, plus a fine of $750 to $1,000, and an ignition interlock device must be installed for a period of 12 months.
          If a violation of the child endangerment law has occurred, certain of the jail sentences cannot be suspended. Source

          1. Yeah, conviction is almost guaranteed. I know that his life will be massively disrupted by this (as it should), but he's a good dude. I have a lot of feels about this, none good (except the part where he didn't kill anyone...).

            1. I went to a training a few months back designed for criminal law attorneys, including those doing defense work. It was the first I'd really been exposed to criminal defense, but listening to them talk about their desire to help people who were good people but had made a mistake... Well, it was nice to hear in this year of mercy. Good people make mistakes. Thank goodness more harm wasn't done, and hopes for something good to come out of it.

    1. He's a good person who's obviously made a terrible decision.

      I'm not doubting that he is a good person, but I would guess that is a common theme for first-time offenders. The problem is, I think, that most of the time these decisions are made while under the influence. These are people that are drunk that are trying to determine if they are too drunk and of course the more drunk they are, the harder it is for them to make a good decision. I don't think we do enough as a country or as a society to help people understand that they need to make the decision beforehand that if they are going to drink they should make arrangements to have someone else get them home, whether it is a cab or a designated driver or whatever. I once heard about a parent that told their kids that if they ever were in a situation where they could not get home without someone driving under the influence (whether it was them or a friend that was their ride), that they could call the parent and get picked up at any time day or night and they would never get in trouble.

      I also think there are those that drive themselves somewhere and don't want to leave their car behind. They would rather "risk it" than being bothered with retrieving their car the next day. Maybe a good idea would be a taxi or Uber service that provides a driver instead of a vehicle. They provide someone to drive you in your car home and then have another car follow behind to pick up the driver.

      1. A friend used to have a business to do this with a fold-up Moped (or similar) that could fit in a back seat. He's not doing that anymore, so maybe it was hard to make a business out of closing time on weekends.

  3. The Warriors have been pretty sloppy with the ball and yet they are up 9 points. Goodness.

        1. That series was awesome, but I'm finding this demolition to be pretty entertaining too.

    1. This is just mind boggling. I would never have expected this level of a whuppin. I mean, I expected GSW to win the series, but hot damn.

  4. Good thing they got curry out of there. Cleveland getting awfully goonish.

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