38 thoughts on “June 14, 2016: Potential History”

  1. Followup, two former Twins are among the seventeen to have wins against all thirty teams. Who are they?

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      1. Funny, I got the second, but Battey'd the first.

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          1. Totally didn't even cross my mind. Good point. I was thinking "Who are the best pitchers the twins have had that have been on NL teams"

            And even then, Bert was only with Pittsburgh for three years, having looked it up. They would have had to have been three pretty good years.

    1. Additional followup: Chris Jaffe was wrong. Santana has defeated the Angels, but never the Brewers. Nothing interesting could actually happen tonight.

  2. More trivia: Name the band to never have a #1 single but has the most #2 singles

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    btw, CH, check out The Man from Uncle soundtrack sometime...

    1. If you don't get to #1, just keep on chooglin'.

      Their output, while clearly produced at an unsustainable pace, still boggles my mind.

      1. John was a machine and a control freak and he completely burnt out his band and destroyed his relationships.

      1. It's been 20 years since his collapse at Augusta. That scarcely seems possible.

        Also, it's been 19 since Tiger destroyed the competition at Augusta. That...seems even more impossible.

  3. Morning game alert: Chattanooga, with Kohl Stewart pitching, is at Tennessee at 11:00 Central time today.

  4. The Twins have hit 69 home runs this year. 5 more than the Yankees! Almost midtable in the AL! What in blazes is going on?

  5. Scott Diamond, a Canadian, had probably one of his biggest dreams fulfilled when the Blue Jays called him up the other day. He gave up 3 runs in one inning and then was DFA'd.

    1. Ouch.

      I did a double take when I saw Kyle Waldrop is the starting left fielder for the Reds tonight. Turns out he's not that Kyle Waldrop.

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