32 thoughts on “December 21st, 2016: Pants”

  1. AMR, I was concerned my bus wasn't going slowly enough, but everything all worked out in the end. Since the snow was gone from the drop site, the direct hand-off may have been the best method anyway.

  2. We got a lot of smart music folks around here so I was wondering if you can help me find the name of a song. I heard this while watching the Wild game last night. I've heard this song before but I have no idea the name of the song or even the artist. Since it was just the instrumental part, Google searching is difficult. I tried using some music recognition apps, but no of them could make it out.

    sorry for the poor quality of this clip, but the first 24 seconds is like a bass line then its a sax or synth and the drums kicking is


      1. Thank you!!!
        I actually searched a handful of Suburbs songs last night (A band I've been meaning to give a thorough listen to but haven't) , but apparently didnt dig deep enough.

  3. One pair has a somewhat defective zipper. The other pair doesn't. Or, there is some variation in the position of the material to the zipper if that's what you mean by caught up. They are not, in fact, identical and you should know that. Also, variation is the enemy of quality.

    1. To be fair, I haven't looked particularly deep into the cause. It gets hung up by not easily going all the way up. Probably a little extra fabric at the top or something . (Believe me, I'm well aware of the pains of variation. )

      1. That note was a little Deming for you. Deming was a quality expert. I actually heard him talk one time via a video cast. I suppose you don't know who he was, seeing as he died 23 years ago yesterday.

  4. Karl Anthony Towns had 17 points, 18 boards, and 5 dimes.

    He might be good at this basketball thing. (Rebounding is easier when Dwight Howard is not playing)

  5. It's been raining all night and I just got a winter storm warning for this weekend. Yes, we just might get a White Christmas. I'm guessing this means the Gophers must have arrived in SoCal.

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