February 21, 2018: New Blood

Normally I'm in the constant state of training in new guys that I think are flawed, but could really pan out. Right now I'm training in a guy for whom I can't even make that faint praise. Woooooo.

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  1. Funny today’s cup would be about training new employees as we just separated from a pain in the ass colleague and I’ll be training a replacement soon, and because the header image is a place I hold near and dear.

      1. This person created a toxic working environment unlike any other I’ve ever encountered. Of course this is a supremely stressful time as we’re changing everything over, but this is addition by subtraction.

        1. I'm compelled to ask for more details. Not sure if that's my desire for gossip, or professional curiosity. Maybe both.

          1. hard to expand in a meaningful way, but he would regularly pound his desk in anger and would express his emotions in non productive ways. Simply said, he could create a negative atmosphere in fewer words than anyone else i've ever met.

  2. I mentioned to Can of Corn that I’ve never seen a kid relish a cupcake the way the Poissonnier enjoyed her blue, red, & yellow-frosted chocolate item last night. I’ve also never seen a diaper quite like the one she created this morning; it was like a Morris Louis painting in there.

    1. Our oldest destroyed his cupcake for his first birthday, but didn't actually eat any of it. He's been making up for that by eating anything cake related, with seconds, since. We also couldn't get him to eat ice cream until recently.

      1. I can't get my 4-year-old to eat the whole cupcake or doughnut. He eats the frosting and then wants another one.

        1. Trey used to do that. He eventually grew out of it, but he still for many years would like to lick off the frosting first before eating the cupcake. Maybe make a cupcake sandwich first (break off the bottom half of the cupcake and put it on top of the frosting) before yo u give the cupcake to him.

      2. Newbish cried at the very thought of touching a cake with frosting on his first birthday. Broke his mother's heart. He's been making up for lost time ever since.

  3. Whoa. The shot from the Swiss at the end of the ninth in this tie breaker is a must watch. It might be the best shot of the Olympics so far.

    1. Came here to say the same thing. I've watched it thrice now.
      Love the broom-pumping.
      Did he have less than an inch of margin on either side to get in there?
      The last shot of the first end of OAR-CAN was pretty cool, too. But it was the first end in a both-eliminated match.

      1. By throwing the turn he threw, he had a very slight extra bit of margin because of the way the guards were lined up. But still, he basically skinnied two stones and made a shot better than any shot I've ever thrown or will ever thrown. That port was tiny!

        1. I don't think it's ever been allowed in the women's college game. Looking around, it appears to be banned at all levels. Apparently it was allowed briefly in international play.

          In 1990, the first ever IIHF Women’s World Championship was held in Ottawa. To date, it is the only international women’s tournament that has included bodychecking.

          At the time, women’s hockey in Europe was played with bodychecking and thinking they would gain a slight advantage against the North American teams, the Europeans actually requested for the tournament to have bodychecking.

          Accompanied by the pure physical domination, Canada and the U.S. combined won five games by a margin of 13 goals or more. The biggest win of the tournament was Canada’s 18-0 annihilation of Japan.

            1. particularly when a player (in this case, a US one) can get absolutely wiped out in front of the crease and no penalty is called.

              The coach was yelling for a five-minute major. And he got nothing.

  4. Maddie Rooney is Ellen Page's doppelganger. And a Gold Medalist. Page, err, Rooney, was huge. U.S. was better in the third and pretty dominant in OT, but it took six shooters in the shootout.

    I love the 4-on-4 in OT. US speed really shined. And then they survived a penalty with 90 seconds left.

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