July 3, 2018: Wanderlust

I've got a tabletop game gearing up for production, and at this point I'm just hoping for enough money to go somewhere.

I'm forty, and have still never traveled out of this country. Never. I've been all over the lower 48, but have never been anywhere else.

18 thoughts on “July 3, 2018: Wanderlust”

  1. Flooding here is bad enough that I even heard our town of < 700 get a mention on MPR. Rain can stop for a week or two... we want things to grow.

      1. FB feed from weather service about past 24 hr rainfall had a swath of purple in SW Minn. I don't even know what purple means, but it didn't look good. Was going to ask if you had new indoor swimming holes, or some such remark.

      2. And here comes some more rain. It appears to be the wet, not purple, variety. Hopefully it stops soon. I don't want to swim home.

  2. First world problems. 🙂

    My kids have been to England, Ireland, Argentina, Chile, Japan; England, Ireland, France, Germany, Iceland, Spain, and Russia, respectively. My wife has been to Israel, Spain, Belgium France, Netherlands, and I don't know where else.

    Me, I've been to Ft. Francis, Vancouver, and Tijuana.

    1. I've been to Canada for a week on a fishing trip and Tijuana for a day on spring break and London for three days for work. but the kids (between the two) have now been to Canada, England, France, Germany, Thailand, Indonesia, Romania, Croatia, Czech Republic and Italy.

  3. The family zooooooom just booked a trip to Glacier Natl Park. We are coming back through Missoula on the 13th of August, which coincided with a Pearl Jam Concert. Cheapest tickets are 230+ per seat. I think we are going to just show up and see what the scalpers say.

    Speaking of music, today is my first day using RockBot at the beer joint. We were using Spectrum music channels and they suhhhh hucked! I am a happy camper as I have my music programmed just right already. Bliss.

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