43 thoughts on “2020 WGOM Draft: Round 18”

  1. Need a 4th outfielder.

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    I've got plenty of big boppers, so I'm concentrating on defense here. Fourth best CF all-time by dWAR, plus he's a switch hitter, and he's Jamaican Mon!

    1. I’ve probably reached my limit on how much I should talk about him, but let’s see who can name the team Nettles did not play for after leaving New York from the following:

      - Braves
      - Expos
      - Mariners
      - Padres

  2. There are a couple guys I’d rather pick here, but I think I’d better get a utility infielder now while there are still a couple with good gloves & potent bats. Since Whitaker & Pop Lloyd both bat left-handed, it makes sense to get a right-handed, slugging shortstop who might’ve been a Hall of Famer had injuries not stolen playing time, then derailed his career before he turned thirty.

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    Not many infielders with 75+ Runs Fielding and .200 ISOs to begin with (only one shortstop makes that list), so it’s nice to have a second one on my roster.

      1. I really thought Arenado might make it another round, and I’m a bit disappointed I missed him. I went quite a while without having a favorite player, but he’s brought that mantle back out of storage. I debated taking somebody else now and looping back to Story later; he’s been nearly Tulo’s equal at the plate through similar ages, but he’s actually a bit ahead as a complete player through their fourth seasons.

        Back in his initial stretch in Denver during the Blake Street Bombers years, I thought Vinny Castilla was a pretty good player. He doesn’t look quite so good under the WAR microscope — dude would not take a walk — but he did work himself into a decent third baseman.

  3. I think I have enough offense in my lineup that I can focus a little bit on a pick from the heart. This guy never had a 100 OPS+ season in his substantial career, but he seemed to always be in the right place with sure hands on defense. And he delivered a few clutch hits along the way. Like a 3-run jack off of Charlie Leibrandt in the 5th inning of Game 1 in 1991.

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    Continuing the young streak for me here. He's really good, at a young age, and many such players continue to have great careers. His common comparison, who had lower rWARs each of the last two years albeit a year younger, was already taken.

  5. Just realized I need a DH.

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    His change in approach to swinging for the fences at all costs turned him from replacement player to an All-Star for 6 straight years. His WAR7 is better than his career WAR, meaning take away his 7 best seasons, and the rest of career WAR is negative.

  6. I'm going to go with a back-up outfielder here. He played center, so he should be able to defend any outfield position, and had the bat to translate to the corners (career OPS+ of 136). And, his status as a trailblazer is a big plus. I knew he broke the American League color barrier, but I didn't know he was also the second black manager in MLB, too.

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  7. I'm going with a young player here. Baseball Reference has his most similar player through age 25 as Cal Ripken, Jr. 4-time All Star in 5 seasons. Two Gold Gloves.

    If his career keeps at this pace, he could bump Tramell as my starting shortstop.

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  8. I'm gonna score runs, and my OF defense doesn't need any attention, but a few options for infield defense might be a good idea for my team. I also need a backup catcher, and one of the best defensive catchers is still available. Also, he's a stud offensive catcher too. So, that's nice.

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    Also, FWIW, there's another catcher I looked at who is eerily similar to Molina's career numbers (both offensively and defensively) and I went back and forth. But Molina is known for his ability to handle a pitching staff and align a defense too, and I don't know that the other player ever had that reputation (I legitimately don't know). But the respect for Molina, and my familiarity with him, is enough to edge him over in my mind.

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