40 thoughts on “2022 Game 28: East Bays vs. Sonny Days”

    1. I'll give him a little slack on account of his first day back, but yeah...

  1. now that we're back from Chicago, I'd like to see the Twins up a [large number]-spot on the board soon so I can go try out the new electric mower finally

          1. I’ll keep this in mind for when my mower, inherited from an older relative when they moved to assisted living, gives up. I’d like to lower my environmental footprint with its eventual replacement. The local small engine shop closed during COVID, which disposes me more toward electric, but untethered range & torque (for longe, lusher grass periods) are my concerns. I think our lots are comparable in size. What mower do you have?

            1. I got this guy and I absolutely love it. On a normal day I get the lawn done using about 75% of the charge. If I don't finish, the battery will fully charge in just 40 minutes, so no issues with range, really.

              1. And if you have multiple batteries, you only need a quick swap to continue.

                1. The battery also automatically dumps 3/4 of the charge after like a month of not using it to preserve its capacity. Just a really nice piece of engineering all around.

              2. Cool. It takes me about 50 minutes to mow my yard, so this should get me close. I hate mowing, so it occurs to me that converting some yard back to native prairie landscaping could help mitigate any range anxiety.

  2. Duran clearly didn’t let that outing in Baltimore get to him. Walk & HBP notwithstanding, he had absolutely filthy stuff today.

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