10 thoughts on “Game 55: twins @ jays”

  1. Is the Twins radio crew calling the game remotely? I can't quote it, but Dazzle said something that made me think they're not actually at the Toronto ballpark.

    1. I wonder if they are remote since their producer Kyle Hammer is out with covid along with the announcers

      1. I also don't think Dazzle was originally supposed to be doing games this week. It was Provus and Attaboy at first in Detroit.

    1. Berríos had a good game. I wonder if 13 strikeouts is a career high. I think he's reached 12 with the Twins.

  2. Listened to the entire game but couldn't comment (because driving), but I am so done with the Dylan Bundy Experience. They should shelve him for a couple months and then pretend it's the beginning of the season again.

    Also, Dazzle and Perk were offsite.

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