2023 Game 19: Twins at Red Sox

As of today the Twins have a 31.3% chance of making the playoffs and a 1% chance of winning the World Series, but as of today I'd be willing to take that World Series bet at 100-to-1 odds. A modest wager, of course, it's way too early to lose our heads. Still, a 10-7 record that includes a split four game series at Yankee Stadium is the kind of start you dream about when you're blowing the latest eight inches of snow off your driveway in the dark at 5:00 p.m.

About that start. I'd say it's fair to say that our pitching is contributing considerably more to the team's winning record than is the offense. The Twins sit atop the Central division but rank in the bottom third of the AL in most offensive categories with a meager .224 batting average (13th) and a .653 OPS (85 OPS+/12th). The pitching, on the other hand, has been uncharacteristically good, and especially so the starting rotation. As a team the Twins sport a 2.61 ERA (169 ERA+), the best in the American League, 179 strikeouts in 151.2 innings pitched (10.6K/9), and a .996 WHIP.

Today the Twins send Kenta Maeda back to the mound in search of his first victory, at 0-2 he's the only starter without a win this young season. Despite the lack of a W,  Maeda has respectable numbers with a 4.09 ERA (108 ERA+), 1.00 WHIP, and 12 strikeouts in 11 innings over his first two starts. The Beantown nine counter Maeda with Tanner Houck, 2-0 in three starts with a 4.50 ERA and a 1.36 WHIP.

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29 thoughts on “2023 Game 19: Twins at Red Sox”

  1. Cleveland idle today so a win would put the Twins two games up. It would also further entrench Boston in the AL East cellar.

  2. So, two innings for Maeda before he gets drilled by a batted ball and leaves the game. Why can't we have nice things?

      1. It's just a lot of innings to have to cover with the bullpen. Headrick did the staff a big favor last night.

  3. You know, usually a team brings in a long relief pitcher when the game is out of hand to soak up innings, not bring in long relief to turn it into a game where you needed that pitcher. Maybe this will convince management to finally release Pagán.

  4. To be fair to Pagan, he had pitched pretty well this year until today. Small sample size, obviously. And I understand why there probably aren't very many people here are inclined to be fair to Pagan.

    1. The Red Sox were inclined to be fair to Pagan since everything they did was in fair territory.

    1. My son was saying last night that he hopes Max - his favorite player, “…who even looks German.” never leaves the Twins. It’s okay to lie to your children, right?

  5. The way the Dubs are defending Sabonis, I don't understand why he doesn't take two dribbles and shoot uncontested 15-foot jumpers every possession.

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