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Happy Birthday–April 11

Pop Corkhill (1858)
Ossee Schrecongost (1875)
Matsutaro Shoriki (1885)
Sam Chapman (1916)
Barney McCosky (1917)
Jim Hearn (1921)
Bob Casey (1925)
Sid Monge (1951)
Bret Saberhagen (1964)
Turner Ward (1965)
Sean Bergman (1970)
Robin Jennings (1972)
Jason Varitek (1972)
Trot Nixon (1974)
Todd Dunwoody (1975)
Kelvim Escobar (1976)
Mark Teixeira (1980)
Andres Blanco (1984)
Alejandro De Aza (1984)
Kenta Maeda (1988)

Matustaro Shoriki is known as the father of Japanese baseball.

Bob Casey was the Twins' public address announcer from 1961 until his death in March of 2005.

Jason Varitek was drafted by the Twins in the first round in 1993, but did not sign.

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Game 82 – Minnesota Generals v. Kansas City Globetrotters

Maybe Kenta Maeda will give us a reason to watch?

I am kind of annoyed that the Royals used 5 relief pitchers yesterday and not a single one of them blew the lead. It's some weird new definition of "relief pitching" that seems particularly unfair when deployed against the Twins.

Happy 4th of July everyone! I hope your weather is nice and your neighbors fireworks last only until bedtime and no longer.

Game 76: Clevelanders @ twins

Does it feel like the Twins went 4-2 this past week? I guess I kind of recall that they had a free good games, but wouldn't have guessed a .667 record, necessarily. The Twins have largely stabilized, but they obviously need to do a lot more than that to dig out of the hole they flung themselves into.

Today, the hometown nine match up against this same uninspiring, but somehow competitive Cleveland team. The season series is tied so far, so hopefully, King Kenta's comeback from the IL , which has been pretty good so far, keeps on rolling.

2021 Game Log 66: Minnesota Twins at Seattle Mariners

Hello, friends, and welcome to another edition of Why Are You Watching This?

We welcome back old friends King Kenta and Luis Arraez. In a corresponding move, Pineda and Refsnyder will take a breather. Maeda will take the mound tonight for the first time since mid-May. Gonzales is working his way back from an injury, and like the Mariners, hasn't been great this year.

Episodes of Why Are You Watching This? have been sparely attended in recent days, and the west coast start time means this might be a single digit LTE affair. Oh well, maybe something amazing will happen.

Game 45: twins @ clevelanders

Winning streak!

Today, our beloved Twins try to extend their winning streak to 3 games for just the second time this year, and the first time since....game 4.

To that end, they'll send out last year's Cy Young award runner-up to take on last year's winner. Man, both of those pitchers were pretty great last year. One of them has been pretty great this year, too. Too bad it's the other guy.

Yes, King Kenta has just been off all season. Last time he took on the Clevelanders, it was utterly infuriating. Let's hope he's able to do better against a lineup that the Übermensch dominated last night, and the lineup manages to run into something against the Popstar.

Game 33: Twins @ Tigers

Kenta Maeda v. Matthew Boyd

I feel like the Twins have faced Matthew Boyd at least once a week for the past 6 years (checking b-r, and ... yep this will be his 274th career start against Minnesota). He's coming off a start cut short by injury and a skipped turn in the rotation so he hasn't pitched since April 29.

Another Sunday means another rubber match for this series. I think a series win over the Tigers is a pretty reasonable aspiration.