16 thoughts on “FMD: Fusion”

  1. Okay, here's ten from my playlist...
    Jazz fusion!
    1) Return to Forever
    2) Jeff Lorber Fusion
    3) Passport

    Prog metal!
    4) Opeth
    5) Dream Theater
    6) Riverside

    Prog jazz!
    7) Planet X
    8) Ohm:
    9) Plini
    10) Animals as Leaders

    1. I think it was Faith No More had the first Rap-Metal song that was popular. (I could be wrong but I'm going with it). When I first heard them I knew it was going to be big.

    1. I love John Doe. He co-produced an album with Howe Glen a couple years back that I made sure to play when I was driving around the desert last summer.

  2. Here are ten musicians/groups who blend genres in their music. Some are pioneers, some are building on a tradition of genre-bending:

    1. Anjélique Kidjo (Afro-Pop)
    2. Ebo Taylor (Highlife)
    3. The Flying Burrito Brothers (Country-Rock)
    4. Hank Thompson (Western Swing)
    5. Hiromi (Modern Jazz)
    6. Jakob Bro (Modern Creative)
    7. Moondog (Third Stream)
    8. Robbie Fulks (Alt-Country)
    9. Tinariwen (Desert Blues)
    10. Tower of Power (R&B-Funk-Soul)

    Wildcard: Bill Frisell (the man can play & blend anything)

  3. (not safe for work, but that should be obvious because RTJ...)

    This mashup, and the whole RTJ CU4TRO album, could be the greatest of all time.

    1. except of course the Meow The Jewels mashup..... also not safe for ... anything?

        1. Remind me to check that out again tonight after the second hit of acid kicks in.

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