16 thoughts on “FMD: Fusion”

  1. Okay, here's ten from my playlist...
    Jazz fusion!
    1) Return to Forever
    2) Jeff Lorber Fusion
    3) Passport

    Prog metal!
    4) Opeth
    5) Dream Theater
    6) Riverside

    Prog jazz!
    7) Planet X
    8) Ohm:
    9) Plini
    10) Animals as Leaders

    1. I think it was Faith No More had the first Rap-Metal song that was popular. (I could be wrong but I'm going with it). When I first heard them I knew it was going to be big.

  2. Here are ten musicians/groups who blend genres in their music. Some are pioneers, some are building on a tradition of genre-bending:

    1. Anjélique Kidjo (Afro-Pop)
    2. Ebo Taylor (Highlife)
    3. The Flying Burrito Brothers (Country-Rock)
    4. Hank Thompson (Western Swing)
    5. Hiromi (Modern Jazz)
    6. Jakob Bro (Modern Creative)
    7. Moondog (Third Stream)
    8. Robbie Fulks (Alt-Country)
    9. Tinariwen (Desert Blues)
    10. Tower of Power (R&B-Funk-Soul)

    Wildcard: Bill Frisell (the man can play & blend anything)

  3. (not safe for work, but that should be obvious because RTJ...)

    This mashup, and the whole RTJ CU4TRO album, could be the greatest of all time.

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