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FMD 9/24/21: Shows That Aren’t

As mentioned earlier this week, sometimes one encounters a musical act in a venue or circumstance other than a concert. Shows that aren't, as it were (or weren't?).

The one that sticks out in my mind is Aerosmith, Britney Spears, and Aretha Franklin, at an NFL kickoff show. And another time I kind of stumbled across Live playing at some event blocked out near the U.S. Capitol, and checked that out for a few songs.

Who are some of those artists for you? When and where? Also lists of 10 songs, if you want to drop 'em.

FMD: Out of Touch

I have been so far removed from new music lately. Like many things, I will blame the pandemic. The four of us have all been in the house together for going on 18 months now. Childcare & work means I don't get to put my headphones in and just work while exploring new music. I need to be able to hear for yells, cries, crashes, etc. A lack of commute is also severely cutting into my music time.

How have you all stayed current on music?

PS - I do know that Sturgill's new album dropped today.

Friday Music Day – Bluegrass and High Hopes

We had some exciting musical news in the family recently. For many years my big brother Boe has been writing songs as a hobby and he's made a lot of friends and connections along the way. Well, one thing led to another and a couple of weeks ago he went to Nashville and signed a contract with bluegrass publisher Billy Blue Records for a song he wrote called Widow's Bridge. They'll be recording a demo soon and then start shopping it around to bands. No guarantees in the music business, of course, but he's pretty excited about it and I'm real happy for my big brother. So drop your lists, and if you have a favorite bluegrass tune to share, holler it out. I'm real partial to John Hartford's take on this classic, myself.

FMD – Dylan at 80

Bob Dylan turns 80 on Monday and what can one write that hasn't already been written? (That's my Dylan library in photo.) At 80 means that Dylan has gone from rebel to icon to joke to respected elder. It probably wasn't until my late 20s that I really started to get into Dylan's music, mostly those classic albums up through Blonde on Blonde and then later some of the latter albums. I've always had a meh relationship with the some 6-7 concerts I attended with Bob putting up ok but not stellar shows (including the concert at Northrop the night Obama was elected.) However, I was literally dragged to a show at the X in 2017 that I had zero expectations for that blew me away.

Also I have few degrees of separation with Bob Dylan. He and my mother lived 3 blocks apart in Duluth from 1943-47. I always wondered if their parents brought them to the same park or saw each other at a local store...

So Dylan is 80. No need to celebrate if you don't care to but I will pull some of the books off the shelf and read passages here and there. I'll put on an album or two, or maybe check out something I haven't heard for a long long time. (Self Portrait?)

Any Dylan memories, thoughts, arrows, on his 80th Birthday?

FMD 4/23/21 – Ska is back, baby!

Or maybe it never went anywhere? Because apparently the Mighty Mighty Bosstones, who release a new album in May, have been putting out music for a long, long while.

That said, I happened across a few of their new tunes, and I'm seriously enjoying them.

I listened to a decent amount of 3rd wave Ska in highschool. Sometimes I'm just happy and angry at the same time, okay? Isn't that what ska is supposed to be? Like a happy version of punk? So yesterday when I walked home from work, in my lawyer clothes, with my briefcase, in my small white-picket-fence town, I had the new Bosstones pounding in my earbuds, and frankly, it felt damn good.

Anyway, the topic for today is ska. I have the feeling I'm going to be told I'm wrong to enjoy the 3rd wave stuff...