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FMD 11/17/17 – R.I.P.

Not the rad metal band, unfortunately. I am thinking about The Triple Rock, which is shutting down next week. It is my all time favorite venue, and I am pretty heartbroken to lose it. I didn't see a ton of shows there, but all of them were pretty memorable.

The first show I saw there was Okkervil River & John Vanderslice the weekend of my 22nd birthday. I took J to see The Wrens and Boris there. I was able to catch The Plot to Blow Up the Eiffel Tower on an incredible bill with The Locust. And in July, I got to see Mitski for the fourth time.

I'm sad I couldn't make it down for Boris last month. If I had more notice about it closing I probably would have done something to make it happen.

Does anyone else have good memories of the Triple Rock, or another now defunct venue? Drop those and/or your ten below.

FMD — Wilco Week

It's the start of Wilco week here in the Twin Cities as our buddies from Chicago come to the Palace Theater next week for three shows. Apparently it will be Wilco's last three live shows for a while as they are taking 2018 off. We'll see. Wilco gets derided by some (including me at times) as Dad Rock, and let's face it songs like Box Full of Letters, definitely fit that bill. But Wilco puts out some pretty creative music too, especially since Nels Cline joined the fold. Above is Spiders (Kidsmoke) which I would argue is some pretty challenging music for dads to be rocking out to. Apparently they've been playing it a bunch on this tour. I'll get to see it on Thursday. I can't wait.

Drop your lists, if you got 'em.


Hey , everyone, we're going to make a Holiday Mix this year!
I'll wait for the applause to die down...

Anyway, yeah, it'll be great fun. Here are the guidelines:

  • Place up to TWO songs in a 'Spoiler' box. Unlike the Summer Mix, the first choice does not automatically get in.
  • As with other mixes though, popularity reigns, so multiple nominations with increase the likelihood of selection.
  • No need to limit it to one particular holiday, but try to keep your choices within the "holiday season" theme.
  • Obviously there are plenty of different versions of the same song out there. If you want a particular performance, please note which artist you'd prefer (links wouldn't hurt just in case). If no artist is nominated, it will add weight if someone else did pick a specific performance of the same song.
  • The mix will tentatively be released on 24 Nov 2017 as that is the earliest possible date that holiday music is acceptable.
  • And finally, building on that last point, we request this post not be a discussion of your favorite holiday music, etc. We'll have plenty of time for that after Thanksgiving.

So, drop your lists, nominations, and any music news below (but chill on your favorite version of "Jingle Bells")!

FMD 10-27-17: So… Halloween Music Then?

I feel like we've done it before. I'm sure we've done it before. But we'll probably talk about Christmas music again too, right? So Halloween music it is! What's your 5 favorite Halloween or Halloween-related (monsters, ghosts, the devil, candy, etc.) songs?

Of the top of my head:

1. Werewolves of London - Warron Zevon
2. A Girl, A Boy, And A Graveyard - Jeremy Messersmith
3. The Curse - Josh Ritter
4. Wolf Like Me - TV On The Radio
5. Season Of The Witch - Donovan

FMD 10-20-17: Five Favorite Songs Of The Millennium (So Far)

For my guest DJ week I'm playing covers, and I was entirely planning on something along those lines for FMD, but we've done that before, and today's song gave me a better idea: pick your five favorite songs of the millennium. I mean, it's an arbitrary point, but it seems less arbitrary than a lot of other points we could choose.

And yes, of course, the millennium started on January 1, 2001. So releases in the year 2000 are right out.

I've got 3 of mine so far:

Pearl Jam's "Just Breathe"
Rilo Kiley's "Portions For Foxes"
The Avett Brother's "Laundry Room"

I'm still working on the rest. Far too many candidates. This is tough.

FMD 10-13-17: Play One Song

I used to play trumpet. I was not particularly great. I have very little music-playing ability (short fingers make things hard). But I have long wanted to be able to play the piano part of "Werewolves Of London" so recently I have begun teaching myself. It's fairly easy but I'm still struggling plenty. That said, it's been really cool to do, and I'm having fun.

The question I have for y'all is, if you were to sit down at a piano (or pick up a guitar, etc.) what song would you love to be able to play? Different choices for different instruments, etc.

FMD 10-6-17: Let’s Get It On

Today's topic: sexy songs. I know we tend to keep polite company 'round these parts, so let's not get all tawdry or anything, but it's a legitimate topic, and I think especially so when it comes to music.

I think one of the more interesting elements of this question is how sexiness can transcend genres. There are country songs I think of as sexy (Chris Young's "Gettin' You Home), indie songs I think of as sexy ("Grey or Blue" by Jaymay), rock ("You Shook Me All Night Long"), etc. They can be small and intimate (Norah Jones' "Turn Me On") or loud and hot. I'll leave you with one of the later, while you mull the question: what songs are sexy to you?

Fall Music

Do your music listening habits change by season? If so, I'm curious whether there are certain types of music you gravitate toward in autumn. I'd say I might be likely to listen to heavier, more substantial music in the fall, though I can't claim to have any actual data to support this hypothesis.