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FMD — Super Groups

Remember back in the 70s when Super Groups were a thing? For all you youngsters, a Super Group was when members of various bands or solo artists would get together to form one Super Group or band. Creem is generally considered the first Super Group (or at least named as such) CSNY is an obvious one, perhaps the Travelling Wilbury's too, although that band could've been considered a "one-off."

Generally Super Groups fell out of favor by the 80s, another version of dinosaur rock that was bestowed on these aging rockers. I bring this up because there seems to be a slight surge in Super Group-ism. Boy Genius was formed by three accomplished solo artists and on Saturday I saw the Flesheaters, which consisted of Punk poet Chris D, but two members of X, two members of The Blasters, and the saxophone player from Los Lobos. Clearly a Super Group of the early 80's Punk scene.

Any favorite Super Group? Any Super Group that was more popular or accomplished than the bands they came from? Any Super Groups you wish had never formed?

Of course drop your lists if you got 'em.

FMD 3-8-19: We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together

Not too long ago I found myself lamenting, not for the first time, the death of Rilo Kiley. They were one of my favorite bands. Really, they were the band that first hooked me into more modern independent music. I'd had some of their music in heavy rotation lately, and even their not-as-good stuff was working for me. It seems pretty clear that this a band that will never ever be getting back together. Which is really too bad, because the other stuff the members have worked on apart from Rilo Kiley is... okay. I still like Jenny Lewis just fine... but the magic of Rilo Kiley just isn't there any more.

So maybe we've talked about this before, but I'm curious about bands that have broken up where that's really a shame. Who hasn't been able to capture the magic in the same way? Who needed that partner/group? Who would you love to have just one more album from?

Drop lists, and talk bad band breakups. And enjoy the snow on its way!

Bonus: the title track!

FMD 3-1-2019. Bless the internet.

Bless the internet for giving people a chance to either stay in their lane and listen to 3 artists over and over and over again, or fill up their brains with thousands of artists and dozens of genres of music. Im not as adventurous with my music playing these days (I dont even buy a handful of records anymore) but knowing that if I have to scratch an itch I can do it with a couple of clicks of my mouse.

Drop your 10 or just casually chat about music.
I'll be watching this Police concert for about the 20th time

FMD 2-22-2019: Cabin Freaking Fever

I don't remember if we've done this topic before, but we're all stuck inside, the snow is piling up, and if cabin fever hasn't set in, you're a yeti, or one of the citizens living in CA. Or possibly both, I guess. What do we really know about BS?

I digress. Because that's what happens when you have cabin fever. Your mind starts going in strange new directions, most of which aren't productive.

Anyway, let's talk cabin fever music. And I'm not thinking about remedies - we're not looking for the music that warms you up. Let's go the other way. What are the songs that play with sanity? That feel just a little off, or make you feel just a little off. That try to touch on something just a bit outside...

And drop your 10's, or, if you're a yeti, talk about whatever you want.

FMD — When Artists are Horrible People

The New York Times had an article a couple of days ago that pretty much lays out that Ryan Adams is a PoS. Since the article has come out, other women have come forward as well and basically comfirmed having similar experiences. Although never a fan of his solo stuff, I loved Whiskeytown and there are a couple of those songs that are some of my all time favorites.

It got me thinking about how do you love the art but hate the artists? It's not just confined to the music industry either. Picasso was a world class asshole (Sorry Jonathan Richman, I just went there), and Woody Allen definitely is too. But it's hard denying the greatness of their creations.

I have heard from a lot of people that they are done with Ryan Adams, not going to support him by buying albums, going to shows, etc. Which makes perfect sense, and something I can easily do as well. But what about when I'm in the mood to hear Excuse Me While I Break My Own Heart or 16 Days? He's already gotten my money. Is just listening to a song that does something for me "supporting Ryan Adams" or forgiving what he did? I could just find other songs that move me the same way (or not).

Does it bother you when a artist turns out to be a horrible person? How do you respond, do you separate the art from the artist? I am not sure there is a right or wrong answer, just curious on what people think.

Also drop your lists.

FMD – Neil Young

So I saw Neil Young twice this past week. Tuesday’s show at the State was amazing, even with the dudebros hootin’ and hollerin’ at inappropriate times.

Interesting that I’m not really interested in seeing any other legacy acts live such as The Who or The Rolling Stones but Neil Young. Heck I was thinking of going to Winnipeg to see him there.

Drop your lists.

FMD 1-25-19: Cover Me

With the Weezer "pointless covers done exactly the same as originals" album coming out (I kid! I kid!), and with the fact that I don't know that we've really talked covers for a while, I thought maybe this would be a good topic for the week.

What's your favorite cover song?
What song that was covered do you much prefer the original of?
What song did you not know was a cover until much later?
What song would you like to see covered?
Which are the best and which are the most pointless covers? You know, that type of thing.

Anyway, drop a list, and give us some cover-age!

FMD – You’re My Favorite DJ

First of all, sign up.

Secondly, who is/was your favorite DJ? Honestly, I haven't really listened to music on the radio in close to 20 years now (I could name some of my favorite NPR commentators!) so no one current comes to mind. Was racking my brain trying to think of one from my past, but no one really floated to the top. I think I liked John Hines as a kid, but now he's like a right wing talk radio guy?

FMD — “New” old bands

So I recently came across a band called the Vulgar Boatmen. They had a couple of albums out in the late 1980s and 90s that didn't get a lot of play, broke up, and then released a complilation album in 2004. I had never heard of them. The thing is they are pretty cool. Kinda like a Murmer-era R.E.M. and I even think The Beths may have even been inspired by then. Anyway definitely check out Please Panic and You and Your Sister (which was rereleased in 2015).

So any bands out there that you missed but came across years later?

As always drop 'em if you got 'em.