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FMD: On The Road

I'll be driving a bunch today. I'll probably mostly just flip radio stations until I get frustrated and turn on MPR News. Wait. It's a member drive. Alright, I'll probably just get frustrated.

What do you listen to when travelling? Let's make a "recommended for the road" playlist?

FMD: Let’s talk country

My mother-in-law recently bought a George Strait greatest hits CD. It's... kind of fantastic (despite missing a few obvious selections). Wit the exception of, say Sturgill, we don't talk country music 'round these parts too often. I listened to a fair amount of country in high school, mostly while working in the summers, and that era of Country still hits a sweet spot for me sometimes. I've also listened to a good amount of older outlaw country over the past, say, decade. I still loathe new country, for the most part, and the few good songs aren't worth wading through the rest, imo. For me, country music's decline started with Lonestar. Anyway... What thoughts have you on Country? Not just what you like/tolerate/hate, but... More. What stories, reasons, feelings... Etc.

FMD: Proposed Covers

There's something about cover songs that really appeals to me. Probably the obvious: someone putting a new spin on a classic makes it fresh again. Or maybe it's the less obvious: like a Star Trek alternate universe, it lets you reimagine the world with things changed, but somehow still familiar?

Anyway, this week I thought it might be fun to talk about cover songs that you'd like to see happen.

To kick it off, I'd say Marilyn Manson covering The Police's "Every Step You Take" could be interesting. I'll see if I can think of others.

FMD: Tones I’ve Never Heard

A few days ago, my Marantz SR6011 receiver arrived via FedEx, and I bi-amped my Martin Logan 60XTs and music in my home has never even approached this level of quality. I'm laid up with influenza, so I've gotten to enjoy the hell out of them, as stairs are proving difficult for my equilibrium right now and it's easier to sit in one spot while I wait for this endless sickness to pass.

How do you listen? Any other audiophiles out there besides me and Hess?

As for the music passing through these speakers, I'm going through Pitchfork's Best New Music archives to see what I missed, as well as pulling disparate acts from the past, ranging from Portishead to Jeff Buckley to White Zombie.

Since I'm not going anywhere, I'll drop a SpookySampler up in here today.

FMD: Mood vs. Tone

Philosofette taught a lesson this week in her English class demonstrating how mood and tone were different things. She used music to give the example. There were two different approaches, and I was thinking maybe we could take a stab at both of them this week? Seemed like a fun conversation.

#1 "Pumped Up Kicks"

The song sounds happy, upbeat, light even. The lyrics are horrifying. I'm not sure which of those was supposed to be mood, and which was tone, but the "song that sounds one way, but means a different way" thing demonstrates something, right?

#2 "How Do You Like Me Now?"

Strategy #2 was to pick two (or more) songs that fit a common theme. My submission for her class was "happiness" and I guessed I narrowed it further by focusing on songs with a tone of "achievement." Two songs that couldn't be more different in mood, but both fit that tone, are Toby Keith's "How Do You Like Me Now" and Etta James' "At Last." Completely different, but somewhat the same too.

Anyway, what contrasting mood/tone songs do ya got? Happy ones? Sad ones? Mad ones? (I think that covers all the emotions, right?). Have at it!

Friday Music Day: Year End Spectacular!

2016 was a weird year (well....duh).

Personally, I felt my tastes solidify quite a bit. I listened to less new music than ever before for a variety of reasons, and what I did listen to had a WAY lower retention than in years past.

Still, I did listen to a lot of stuff I enjoyed. You'll find a smattering after the jump (my actual top 20 list I'll just put a a reply). Feel free to post stuff you liked this year, in list form or not, doesn't matter.

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FMD: Music To Cook By

I feel like I tend to do a lot of cooking in these brutal winter months. I'm sure I don't actually cook more (maybe I bake more?), but something about it seems to... fill the time in a way it doesn't in the summer. Summer cooking is easy. Winter cooking feels more purposeful. In the summer, I can put on whatever tunes I need for cooking to, because anything can fit. In the winter? I'm not quite sure. I often still use the same old Rat Pack songs, but those are happier, lighter, summery songs. I'm sure I'll be doing some baking of some sort this weekend, so help me out... what music should I be cooking to in the winter? Is it different for you too?

FMD: Musical Hell Is…

... having the wrong song stuck in your head.

Yesterday was a rough day for me. Part of that was I had two different, awful, songs stuck in my head. The first was the Thomas & Friends theme. If you don't know it... you're lucky. It goes in a class with Lamb Chop's theme and Barney's song. ::shudder:: I assume the selection was commissioned by the CIA for the purpose of "data extraction."

The other one was "It's Raining Men." Unlike the Thomas theme, I can acknowledge that "It's Raining Men" is legitimately a song, and that there is a time and a place for it. I only take umbrage with that time and place being "constantly" and "in my head."

So let's talk pain. What are the worst songs to get stuck in your head? Worst times and places? That sort of thing. Random 10's also welcome!

FMD: Shake It Off

2016, you've been a jerk. So for our last Friday Music Day of the year, we're kicking you out and sending the message that we're better off without you. To that end, I'm looking for the best "Shake It Off" songs: songs that help one cast off the old, the bad, the funk, and create a new, fresh, hopeful outlook.

There's an obvious choice here, as suggested by the title. And I do love me that song, but it just seems trivial once you get to the "my ex-man brought his new girlfriend" bit. So I'm going to make two other suggestions. Though neither is particularly "shake-y" they both work an effective reset.

First, the classic... "Take a sad song and make it better."

Second, a newer pick that might be a bit all-encompassing, but it builds so nicely:

Drop your suggestions and random lists if you're felling it.