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FMD – Dylan at 80

Bob Dylan turns 80 on Monday and what can one write that hasn't already been written? (That's my Dylan library in photo.) At 80 means that Dylan has gone from rebel to icon to joke to respected elder. It probably wasn't until my late 20s that I really started to get into Dylan's music, mostly those classic albums up through Blonde on Blonde and then later some of the latter albums. I've always had a meh relationship with the some 6-7 concerts I attended with Bob putting up ok but not stellar shows (including the concert at Northrop the night Obama was elected.) However, I was literally dragged to a show at the X in 2017 that I had zero expectations for that blew me away.

Also I have few degrees of separation with Bob Dylan. He and my mother lived 3 blocks apart in Duluth from 1943-47. I always wondered if their parents brought them to the same park or saw each other at a local store...

So Dylan is 80. No need to celebrate if you don't care to but I will pull some of the books off the shelf and read passages here and there. I'll put on an album or two, or maybe check out something I haven't heard for a long long time. (Self Portrait?)

Any Dylan memories, thoughts, arrows, on his 80th Birthday?

FMD 4/23/21 – Ska is back, baby!

Or maybe it never went anywhere? Because apparently the Mighty Mighty Bosstones, who release a new album in May, have been putting out music for a long, long while.

That said, I happened across a few of their new tunes, and I'm seriously enjoying them.

I listened to a decent amount of 3rd wave Ska in highschool. Sometimes I'm just happy and angry at the same time, okay? Isn't that what ska is supposed to be? Like a happy version of punk? So yesterday when I walked home from work, in my lawyer clothes, with my briefcase, in my small white-picket-fence town, I had the new Bosstones pounding in my earbuds, and frankly, it felt damn good.

Anyway, the topic for today is ska. I have the feeling I'm going to be told I'm wrong to enjoy the 3rd wave stuff...

Friday Music Day – Whoops Guest DJ drops the Ball

I forgot to throw this up last night. It has been ... a week. Throw up your lists in the comments, but if you want to admit it what's your guilty pleasure song that you defend for no reason.

For me it's Ringo's Beatles songs because I find it hilarious, and Call Me Maybe because of DC memories playing Kickball.

My last video will be up later today when I find a video of it.

Happy Friday.

FMD 4/9/21: Disappointing Covers

I was perusing youtube for some new music last night and came across a cover of a song I like ("To Love Somebody") by an artist I enjoy (Jade Bird), and thought, "alright, this should be great!"

It was not.

Anyway, I don't recall us talking about disappointing covers before, and also we haven't had a FMD post for a bit, and so here's a thing for today.

Edited to add: apparently there's a "bad covers" tag and a "covers played so much worse" tag, so maybe we have done this before. I'll check it out later. I'm not undoing all this great writing I've done in this post so far, just because it might have been wrong. That would be way too fully baked.

FMD: Feeling Cold

In this deep freeze of winter, what music acts that work for lots of people just leave you feeling cold? Like, you don't necessarily hate them, but you really don't understand the appeal?

I realize this is a conversation that might get a bit heated, but that could be appreciated on a frigid day like today, right?

For me, especially on this site, it's gotta be Drive By Truckers. Sorry, gang. There are others too, but that one definitely comes to mind.

What's yours, and why am I wrong?

FMD — 7″ Vinyl Singles

I haven't bought into the vinyl renaissance. Part of the reason is that I've bought vinyl when I was a kid and young adult, then cassettes, then CDs, now streaming services. I'm not going back to buying albums that I've owned on like three other platforms. Also I like the long playing feature that CDs, I-tunes, and streaming services provides. I do have about 20-30 albums that I've kept or collected along the way that I will listen to occasionally, but not often.

However, I am a sucker for 7" singles and continue to scour record stores and bookstores for cool singles, especially older classic singles, 70's AM Radio hits, and punk singles from the 1970s and early 1980s. I'm not looking for pristine copies that are collectibles, but actually well used (to a degree) records from the era. I also have an older type record player with a tinny speaker.

Basically I love listening to I Want to Hold Your Hand, Heartbreak Hotel, Brown Eyed Girl, etc., as they were probably listened to by some teenager some 50, 60 years ago. It's a thrill to think that someone was probably in their rec room or bedroom listening to this same record and hearing Elvis for the first time, or the Beatles after just seeing them on the Ed Sullivan show.

Have you gotten back into vinyl? Do your parents or grandparents still have a stash of 45rpms stuck in a closet somewhere (if so, hit me up). Do you sometimes just listen to old records and go over the cover, liner notes, and photos?

Also, drop 'em if you got 'em.

FMD 01.29.2021: The List

Hey, here's the guest DJ schedule. Finally...

freealonzo 2/1-2/7
nibbish 2/22-2/28
Pepper 3/22-3/28
eschapp 4/12-4/18
New Britain Bo 5/10-5/16
Twayn 6/14-6/20
Zee German 7/12-7/18
MagUidhir 8/9-8/15
Daneekas Ghost 9/13-9/19
Philosofer 10/11-10-17
CarterHayes 11/15-11/21

11 spots and 11 volunteers, so no tricky business this year.

Can of CornX-X--X--X--
Daneeka's GhostX--XX--X-XX
Jeff A--X---X----
New Britain Bo-X-X-X-X--X
The Dread Pirate-X-X----X--
Zee German-------XX-X

And hey, drop a list of your own, yeah?

FMD: Tom Jones Need Not Apply

The Ghost family has decided on their themed playlist for 2021 - Cats.  We threw together a few songs last weekend, so we've got a 10-song start, but are always open to suggestions:

  • Nashville Cats - The Lovin' Spoonful
  • The Cat Came Back - Sonny James
  • The Lion Sleeps Tonight (Wimoweh) - The Tokens
  • Stray Cat Strut - Stray Cats
  • Keyboard Sonata in G Minor (the "Cat Fugue") - D. Scarlatti
  • Eye of the Tiger - Survivor
  • Jellicle Songs for Jellicle Cats - Cats
  • You Can Sleep on Top of Anything - Kitty Kat Fan Club
  • Ev'rybody Wants to Be a Cat - Artistocats
  • Honky Cat - Elton John

Last year we did space and ended up with a fun mix.

Spoiler SelectShow

FMD 1.15.21: A NU START

I think everyone is in agreement that this has been a 2 week buffer zone between 2020 and 2021. We had to quarantine 2020, and it couldn't be exposed to any other year for 2 weeks. But now that's over, and we can focus on a new start. So, let's have songs for beginning. Or beginning again. Or songs that begin again themselves, with multiple intros. Or whatever. Just start fresh. It'll feel good.