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Friday Music Day – 3/25/22 – Soundtrack edition

Today's video is the Rolling Stones - She's A Rainbow, which I "liked" on Spotify after enjoying the soundtrack on Cruella. The movie was enjoyable enough, but the soundtrack really stood out for me, with a groovy, 60's London rock vibe going, and some exposure to tracks and artists (Ike & Tina!) I'm glad to add to my listening.

What's a favorite soundtrack for you, or one that opened you up to some music you needed to be paying attention to?

And drop your lists.

Have a groovy Friday, folks.

FMD 9/24/21: Shows That Aren’t

As mentioned earlier this week, sometimes one encounters a musical act in a venue or circumstance other than a concert. Shows that aren't, as it were (or weren't?).

The one that sticks out in my mind is Aerosmith, Britney Spears, and Aretha Franklin, at an NFL kickoff show. And another time I kind of stumbled across Live playing at some event blocked out near the U.S. Capitol, and checked that out for a few songs.

Who are some of those artists for you? When and where? Also lists of 10 songs, if you want to drop 'em.