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FMD — The Clash

So last week I was going to write up something on the 40th anniversary of the release of London Calling, arguably the Clash's greatest album and one of the greatest albums of all time. Unfortunately illness and busyness got in the way of writing something up proper. I'd still like to do something so maybe one FMD I'll really do the album justice. It's a great album that still holds up. Check it out.

Also for some reason today is International Clash Day. Not sure why February 7th is considered International Clash Day, but here you go. Apparently, "it began as a tribute to The Clash’s music and legacy [and now] has evolved into a banner celebration of the issues and message they stood for. The Clash were unapologetically confrontational and champions of the oppressed, always striving for the possibility of a better world."

The Clash was a great band, with great songs, and a great message. So go put on some Clash, raise your voice, fight for the oppressed, Lord knows we need some raised voices these days.

Drop 'em if you go 'em boyo.

FMD: 01-17-2020 – Guest DJ Edition

Hey, everyone, it's that time again. If you'd like to nominate yourself, please do so in the comments below. I think you all know the drill by now. Also, don't worry if think you've done it too recently; the system works through that and there's always the highly likely event of low turnout. C'mon and jump in, all you little Wolfman Jack's.

And drop a list or two if you feel like it.

FMD 1/10/20: Best of the Decade Part 2: Make a List?

Alright, as promised (or threatened?), here's part 2 of the best of the decade. Let's have those lists, eh?

Here's my first pass, to get things started (in no order):

1. "Royals" - Lorde
2. "No Roots" - Alice Merton
3. "Shake it Off" - Taylor Swift
4. "Get Lucky" - Daft Punk
5. "Hold On" - Alabama Shakes
6. "Life Ain't Fair & The World Is Mean" - Sturgill Simpson
7. "S.O.B." - Nathaniel Rateliff & The Night Sweats
8. "Feel It Still" - Portugal The Man
9. "Where the Night Goes" - Josh Ritter
10. "Word Crimes" - Weird Al Yankovic

FMD: 1/3/20 – Songs/Albums/Artists of the Decade – Part 1

There's something about "best of" lists that I - and obviously lots of people - love. I think it's that there's a low-stakes challenge to the task. It's enough that you can be invested in it, while at the same time, it's just opinion, so... fun. Anyway, in that vein, I was thinking we'd look back over the past decade and put together some lists.

I'm making this a 2-part post, since, frankly, I don't think I could complete my list today. And I'm sure people will list other songs that appeal to me, and such.

So my thought process was this - today, let's just heap up a pile of favorite songs, albums, artists, etc., from the 2010s. And next week (and I've not run this by anyone else, but I'm guessing they'll be okay with it? Free? HJ?) we'll try to actually carve out some top 10 lists.

Unless everyone else already has those 10 ready to go... then just drop 'em. Also, drop your random lists.

FMD — Christmas Songs?

So I'm not a big fan of Christmas songs and I have noticed this year that I have pretty much avoided them. Not sure if I'm lucky or I've arranged my life to avoid them. I saw a tweet about Paul McCartney's Wonderful Christmas time that made me laugh. I can't find it now but I think I pretty much recreated it:

Wonderful Christmas Time sounds like a when you're involved in a pagan ritual and then the relatives walk in the room:

The Mood Is Right
The Spirits Up
We're Here Tonight
And, That's Enough

Drop 'em if you got 'em.

FMD 12/06/2019: Best of 2019

It's that time of year again. Let us know if you'd like to participate in the Best of 2019 celebration. It will be first come first served. Just volunteer below and I will set up the schedule shortly.

Also, drop a list if you feel like it.

12/11 freealonzo
12/12 nibbish
12/13 Pepper
12/16 Philosopher
12/17 Daneeka's Ghost
12/18 Zack
12/19 CarterHayes
12/20 Rhubarb_Runner
12/23 AMR
12/26 davidwatts
12/27 spookymilk

FMD: Weird Shtick

Thanks for engaging and entertaining my amusement with weird metal bands this week. I have one more tomorrow to add, but I'm going to skip the Pirate Metal.

So drop your lists and if you feel up to it, do you have a weird shtick band? The one that you feel the need to justify or explain because, well, you're not usually into that sort of thing, and some parts of it seem kind of objectionable, but you're going to listen anyway...