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FMD 3/27/20 – A New Normal

So my work situation has changed a few times in the last year, and it’s always impacted my music listening habits. I find that where, when, and why have a huge influence on what I dig into.

I was already working from home when this all started. And I’ve found working from home has decreased the amount of music I listen to. I find myself watching a lot more TV and movies while I work, and music is strictly a thing for in the car. Most of my car listening would happen on my trips to Winnipeg and back and with those on hold, it’s going to be a change.

I’ve been going for 30-40 minute drives every day or two to clear my mind and get out of the house. I’ll probably switch to walks once it’s nicer. I have been using these times for music, and I find myself listening to old favorites. The stuff we’d listen to driving around in high school and stuff.

How has this impacted you? Do you find yourself listening to more or less music? Finding new things or revisiting? Do you wanna drop a list?

FMD: WFH Week 1 (3-20-20)

Last year, Annika Norlin and Jens Lekman released Correspondence, an "epistolary album" where each song is a montly "letter" back to the other, over the course of 2018. I'm a huge fan of Ms. Norlin's work. She records in English as "Hello Saferide" and in Swedish as "Säkert!" (though there's an album by Säkert! in English... translations of some of her Swedish songs). As for Lekman... meh. So it's an alternatingly great/not album. Norlin's second-best song on it is "Hibernation" from April, fitting for the current moment of self-quarantine and social distancing. Except for the parts where she takes a train and talks to some youth [lyrics].

BTW, the best song is "'Silent Night'", maybe the best thing Norlin's written (at least in English) [lyrics].

Anyways, drop your lists of Random tens, or maybe point out some fitting songs for waiting out the rider of the white horse.

FMD 3/6/2020: Music For A Quarantine

Well I've got my daughter in the office for the second day in a row - yesterday daycare was closed because of illness and today she's with me because she had a high enough fever that she couldn't go to daycare (though it came down with meds pretty quickly).

And also there's some sort of health related issue in the news?

So: music for a quarantine. Or illness. I suppose that's generally a time when I don't play music. Should I? Would that help a person get better? Is this topic really any different than cabin fever music or desert island music? I dunno.

FMD: 2020 Guest DJs

Okay, here we go (finally). Like last year, we're going to have to play a little catch-up, but we'll get there.

Out of the volunteers, Algonad, CarterHayes, Daneekas Ghost, MagUidhir, Rhubarb_Runner, Twayn, and Zack all make the cut as they did not DJ last year.

Out of the remaining, I am removing Zee German (sorry, bro) as he is the only of last year's DJs to have gone two years in a row. So, there are 6 volunteers left for four spots.

Per usual, handles will be placed in alphabetical order, and a random sequence of numbers will be generated and that order will be matched to the alphabetical list of names. Numbers 1-4 are in, and 5 and 6 will have to wait until next year:

A similar method* was used to decide the order, and here are you 2020 Guest DJs!

February 24 - March 21: MagUidhir
March 16-22: Zack
April 6-12: Algonad
April 20-26: Beau
May 11-17: nibbish
June 15-21: CarterHayes
July 13-19: davidwatts
August 10-16: Rhubarb_Runner
September 14-20: Twayn
October 12-18: Daneekas Ghost
November 16-22: Philosofer
December: Best of 2020

*The random sequence for the months was run continuously until Rhu_Ru got the August spot, per his request

Oh, and drop your lists.

FMD — The Clash

So last week I was going to write up something on the 40th anniversary of the release of London Calling, arguably the Clash's greatest album and one of the greatest albums of all time. Unfortunately illness and busyness got in the way of writing something up proper. I'd still like to do something so maybe one FMD I'll really do the album justice. It's a great album that still holds up. Check it out.

Also for some reason today is International Clash Day. Not sure why February 7th is considered International Clash Day, but here you go. Apparently, "it began as a tribute to The Clash’s music and legacy [and now] has evolved into a banner celebration of the issues and message they stood for. The Clash were unapologetically confrontational and champions of the oppressed, always striving for the possibility of a better world."

The Clash was a great band, with great songs, and a great message. So go put on some Clash, raise your voice, fight for the oppressed, Lord knows we need some raised voices these days.

Drop 'em if you go 'em boyo.

FMD: 01-17-2020 – Guest DJ Edition

Hey, everyone, it's that time again. If you'd like to nominate yourself, please do so in the comments below. I think you all know the drill by now. Also, don't worry if think you've done it too recently; the system works through that and there's always the highly likely event of low turnout. C'mon and jump in, all you little Wolfman Jack's.

And drop a list or two if you feel like it.

FMD 1/10/20: Best of the Decade Part 2: Make a List?

Alright, as promised (or threatened?), here's part 2 of the best of the decade. Let's have those lists, eh?

Here's my first pass, to get things started (in no order):

1. "Royals" - Lorde
2. "No Roots" - Alice Merton
3. "Shake it Off" - Taylor Swift
4. "Get Lucky" - Daft Punk
5. "Hold On" - Alabama Shakes
6. "Life Ain't Fair & The World Is Mean" - Sturgill Simpson
7. "S.O.B." - Nathaniel Rateliff & The Night Sweats
8. "Feel It Still" - Portugal The Man
9. "Where the Night Goes" - Josh Ritter
10. "Word Crimes" - Weird Al Yankovic