2023 Game 110 – Twins at Cardinals

Not a lot of time today so just a few quick takes:

  • The Twins are a .500 team in a sub-.500 division. It may be enough to make a postseason cameo appearance but that's about it.
  • Standing pat at the trade deadline is not a bad thing if you're not getting past the first round of the playoffs anyway.
  • Luis Arraez will probably become the first player to win back to back batting championships in different leagues.
  • My wife calls leaving RISP "decorating the bases." The Twins do a lot of base decorating.

Sonny Gray and Matthew Liberatore on the mound tonight.

Play ball!


13 thoughts on “2023 Game 110 – Twins at Cardinals”

  1. Facing a pitcher who's awful in the first inning, the Twins go down one, two, three.

    1. There has only been a single game lower than that this season: April 3 in Miami. No four strikeout games yet, five games with five strikeouts, and another five games with six strikeouts.

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