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FMD 03/30/18 – Bucket List Bands

I made a random 10 and saw there was nowhere to put it, so... hi!

I saw Hot Snakes on the 16th after waiting to see them 14 years. They were one of the bands I figured I'd never have a chance to see live, a shocking number of which I've actually had a chance to see. I think the two left on my list are the pAper chAse (extremely unlikely) and Butthole Surfers (mayyyybe). Do you have any artists like this on your list still? Drop your lists.

FMD 11/17/17 – R.I.P.

Not the rad metal band, unfortunately. I am thinking about The Triple Rock, which is shutting down next week. It is my all time favorite venue, and I am pretty heartbroken to lose it. I didn't see a ton of shows there, but all of them were pretty memorable.

The first show I saw there was Okkervil River & John Vanderslice the weekend of my 22nd birthday. I took J to see The Wrens and Boris there. I was able to catch The Plot to Blow Up the Eiffel Tower on an incredible bill with The Locust. And in July, I got to see Mitski for the fourth time.

I'm sad I couldn't make it down for Boris last month. If I had more notice about it closing I probably would have done something to make it happen.

Does anyone else have good memories of the Triple Rock, or another now defunct venue? Drop those and/or your ten below.