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Do I stay or do I go?


Before the medical thing happened in the first part of the year (duodinal ulcer, 6 1/2 weeks in the ICU), I was thinking about retiring on June 1st.  After I came back to work it seemed prudent to keep working and see how things settle, don't make any major changes, etc.   So I came back to work after the short-term disability was done.

But there's  been a bunch of reorgs, job eliminations, people retiring, etc.  I'm in a new area that I don't really like, and a new boss I don't really like.

I've been interviewing for another position in the same company but a different area - 2nd interview today seemed to go O.K.

So I have to decide - 1) stay in the role I'm in (nope); 2) try out the new role (if they decide to hire me);  3) quit and go on my wife's benefits; 4) go to 4-day week and enjoy slacker Friday's while keeping my benefits, or ??  I'm having 1-1 with boss's  boss tomorrow so will discuss with her.  Maybe she has other options as well...  Wish me luck and send over any WGOM advice you think useful.